How Wrestlemania Is Losing Its Magic...And Fast

Joel GarciaContributor IINovember 17, 2010

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 15. The Undertaker enters the arena during WWE Smackdown at Acer Arena on June 15, 2008 in Sydney, Australia.  (Photo by Gaye Gerard/Getty Images)
Gaye Gerard/Getty Images

I know that Wrestlemania is the spectacle of WWE, the 'GRANDADDY OF THEM ALL' or the WWE's Superbowl, and I might be causing controversy by writing this up, and you are probably thinking "Who does this kid (actually an adult) think he is" or "You can't diss Wrestlemania even better "WTF?!" But hear me out.

We all know the elite superstars of the WWF/E Attitude Era or prior, are not going to be able to perform at such a level forever, and there time is unfortunately coming to an end.

For example, The Undertaker. Sure he is the Phenom of WWE and his streak at Wrestlemania is undefeated, but who are we kidding ourselves here. He struggles to wrestle (no offence) but it is true.

Some of the comments I read say that "The Undertaker should've retired ages ago", "Hang up your boots" etc. Since The Undertaker got injured a little bit ago, rumours are that if he is not 100 percent by Wrestlemania, he is going to be teamed up with Kane to go against the Nexus (worst case scenario). This match secures the safety of The Phenom.

On the other hand, another rumour I stumbled upon is that HBK might return and serve as a special guest referee and cost The Undertaker his undefeated streak.

Don't worry Deadman fans, The Undertaker is going to be working with WWE long after he is retired. He mentioned this himself, since he is dedicated and appreciates the company so much.

Edge is another good example. He is the Rated R Superstar and has been in the WWE ever since the Attitude Era. Every time he is in the ring, he is huffing and puffing (not to be mean, just telling it like it is) and he admitted that each time he comes back from an injury its gets harder. He also said that he might have two years to go before he hangs up his boots. 

This present day and age, there are no Stone Cold's and The Rock's (unless if you wanna do the whole Orton is this era's Stone Cold and John Cena is this era's Rock thing) to make the stadium erupt in excitement every time they are in the ring. 

WWE is losing its elite superstars and need to seriously push the newcomers to the top. For example, I enjoy watching Daniel Bryan in the ring, He is great to watch, if he gets the right push, he can surely be Wrestlemania material.

Also JoMo a.k.a John Morrison is a talented superstar with all these cool acrobatic moves and he has been getting a push as of late. I want him to be a champion sooner rather than later, but in the right way so it does not feel rushed. 

I want the Wrestlemania card to be oozing with matches that everyone wants to see, not just one or two matches that are worthy of being watched. I want more risk taking moves to make the audience awe in amazement.

As more and more Wrestlemanias progress, how long do we expect to see the Attitude Era superstars (that are remaining) to wrestle? 

We can't always rely on Cena and Orton to produce main event matches. There are other superstars who are worthy of a push and need to see the shine of Wrestlemania.

Nowadays (in my opinion anyway) there are only some matches in Wrestlemania that I can recall of the top of my head that are memorable. I haven't been to the event so I wouldn't know, my apologies. 

I am in no way disrespecting Wrestlemania, I am just saying that WWE need to take this generation of superstars and turn them into Wrestlemania main-eventers, before the Attitude Era superstars are gone. 

I don't know if the title is any good or not sorry :P

Leave your comments. Enjoy guys :)