Proper Maintenance of Your Fishing Gear

Jess KContributor IIINovember 17, 2010

Do you sometimes find yourself digging out your fishing gear only to realize it no longer is in proper working order? There is inevitably something that goes wrong with your fishing reel and if it isn’t that, then it is your rod that is broken.

This dilemma occurs with every angler at some point in their lives. However, there are ways of avoiding this problematic situation that are extremely simple. With just a few minutes before storing your fishing gear until next season, you can ensure that it will be workable by that point as well.  

Many fishermen underestimate the importance of properly lubricating your equipment. If you want your prized pieces of fishing gear to last you a lifetime, lubrication is imperative.

In choosing a dependable lubricant for your reel, you may want to begin with Militec-1. This is a new product by Lanigan Performance Products that also serves to prevent corrosion of your fishing reel and rod. This is even more important if you tend to spend most of your time fishing in saltwater.  

Always make sure before using any product on your fishing gear that you have thoroughly read the instructions. A little bit of lubricant has the potential to go rather far, and too much of a good thing is particularly bad when it comes to fishing. If that oil oozes out onto your line, fish won’t come within one mile of your bait. One small drop will usually be enough.  

Taking care to ensure that no excess lubricant has seeped out of the reel is extremely important regardless of how long you may be storing your equipment for. In addition to making sure it doesn’t get onto your fishing line, you also want to keep it as far away from your drag as possible as it can easily render it useless.  

Militec-1’s manufacturer only recommends an extremely small portion of the lubricant to be applied to the guides. The bond will work to smooth the surface, allowing for you to cast more efficiently. It can also potentially prevent any corrosion on the eyes.  

Militec-1 is available online and extremely easy to order it in time for it to arrive for your next fishing trip. Although this is just one of many quality lubricants available in the market today, most of them tend to work in the same manner and referring to the instructions is necessary in order to prevent any possible damage to your fishing gear.