Wisconsin Vs. Michigan Football: Cheerleader Showdown of the Week

Nathaniel UyFeatured ColumnistNovember 17, 2010

Wisconsin Vs. Michigan Football: Cheerleader Showdown of the Week

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    Wisconsin Vs. Michigan Football will be a big game of interest for Big Ten fans this coming Saturday. 

    The Big Ten title winner has yet to be decided and this football game will definitely have title implications.  But we don't have to worry about the game just yet.

    It's time to amuse ourselves with a little cheerleader showdown to get us through the week. 

    Which school has the hottest cheerleaders?  Wisconsin or Michigan? 

    Who will win the showdown?  Let's find out.

The Football Team: Wisconsin Badgers

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    Overall Record: 9-1

    Big Ten Record: 5-1

    Average Points Scored: 40.2

    Average Points Allowed: 19.5

    Notes: Their only loss this year came against the Big Ten's Michigan State Spartans.

The Football Team: Michigan Wolverines

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    Overall Record: 7-3

    Big Ten Record: 3-3

    Average Points Scored: 37.7

    Average Points Allowed: 32.1

    Notes: The Wolverines have yet to defeat a ranked opponent this season. 

Wisconsin Badgers: Cheer Video

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    Check out these Badger cheerleaders.

    Nice moves!

Michigan Wolverines: Cheer Video

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    Props go out to these Michigan girls, for all of their effort.

    Non-stop kicking is quite a workout.

Wisconsin Badgers: Meet Tara

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    Meet Tara Pyles, she's a Sports Illustrated Cheerleader of the Week.

    This cute redhead is a fan of country music and her hometown baseball team, the St. Louis Cardinals.

Wisconsin Badgers: Tara Pyles

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    She also doesn't mind getting thrown up in the air.

    Go Tara!

Wisconsin Badgers: Tara Pyles

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    Look at that grace and balance.

    Hey, holding that pose is a tough thing to do.

Michigan Wolverines: Meet Kristy

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    Meet Kristy Bojazi.  She's been named as CNNSI's Cheerleader of the Week.

    She's a Biochemistry major.

    Sounds hard.

Michigan Wolverines: Kristy Bojazi

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    With a major like Biochem.

    She's got medical school in her future plans. 

Michigan Wolverines: Kristy Bojazi

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    And cheerleading certainly helps add some quality extracurricular activities to her resume.

Wisconsin Badgers: Meet The Team

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    Here are few other Badger teammates.

    A guy!?

    Yes, guys cheer.

Wisconsin Badgers: Cheer Pyramid

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    Look at Mr. Show-off over here.

    I bet all the chicks think that's cool.

Michigan Wolverines: The Team

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    Meet a few other Michigan cheerleaders.

    They're ready to root for their team.

Michigan Wolverines: Lift

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    I think she's getting ready to get lifted up in the air.

    Anyone want to give her a boost?

Wisconsin Badgers: Leg Kicks

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    There's nothing cooler than a dozen pairs of legs kicking up in the air all at the same time.

Michigan Wolverines: Splits

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    But it's also cool to see girls that flexible.

Wisconsin Badgers: More Cheerleaders

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    Hey, what's wrong with the girl on the left?

    Must be scared to show teeth.

Michigan Wolverines: Teeth

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    Well, this Wolverine gal is not scared to show her teeth at all.

    Atta girl

Wisconsin Badgers: Pyramid

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    Here go the Badgers again trying to wow us with their pyramids.

Wisconsin Badgers: Cheerleader

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    Hey, where did all of her friends go?

Wiscon Badgers: Not Afraid

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    Hmm, I wonder if she's scared?


    Nerves of steel.

Michigan Wolverines: Miss Yellow Bow

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    The Michigan cheerleaders don't really do pyramids as much as much as the Wisconsin team does.

    But they still do lifts.

    Ya, I know what you're thinking.

    That's one lucky male cheerleader.

Michigan Wolverines: Miss Black Bow

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    Lifts and bows.

    Cute girls in bows are hard to resist.

    Hello Miss Black Bow.

Michigan Wolverines: Miss Yellow Bow

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    And hello, Miss Yellow Bow.

Wisconsin Badgers: RED

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    Look at that, she can hold up a sign and her pom poms at the same time.


    What do you think?  Red?

Michigan Wolverines: BLUE

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    Or, Blue?

    Tough choice.

Wisconsin Badgers: Three Cheerleaders

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    Great smiles ladies.

    Your sexy stares are making me nervous.

Michigan Wolverines: Cheerleader

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    But, there's just something about that yellow sweater.

    And how it fits Michigan cheerleaders so well.  Especially her.

So Who Wins?

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    It's about time to decide which school has the hottest cheerleaders.

    What's the verdict?

    We just cycled threw some of the cutest ladies in the Midwest.

    Who wins?

Michigan Wins!

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    Michigan Wins!

    The Wolverines have a much better combination of hotties in their cheerleading squad.

    Not to worry Badger fans, you've got the much better football team.

    So let the Michigan hopefuls take this cheerleading showdown trophy because you've probably got a Big Ten title in your future anyway.