Steve Nash Trade Rumors: 10 Reasons Phoenix Should Trade Nash This Season

Danny DukkerCorrespondent IINovember 17, 2010

Steve Nash Trade Rumors: 10 Reasons Phoenix Should Trade Nash This Season

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    For weeks now, rumors have been circulating that Steve Nash and the Phoenix Suns will be saying goodbye to each other.

    For most Suns fans (me included), this is unbelievable and is baffling.

    However, I am here to argue for the other side—the evil dark side with horns that says that my Suns will be getting rid of arguably the greatest player to ever play there.

    Let's get started!

10. They Want To Admit They Have No Gratitude

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    Alright, let me be honest here.

    Steve Nash is my all-time favorite players; however, even you can't deny how loyal Nash has been to Phoenix over the years and how much the Suns owe him.

    If they trade him, it will not show a lot of gratitude on their part.

    Unless they trade him to a contender, in which case it could actually be seen as somewhat of a nice gesture.

    However, the Suns are also contenders, so that argument is out.

9. They Can Only Get So Far

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    I think the Suns have a great team at their disposal.

    As of now, their biggest problem lies in their rotation, and Gentry had better get it all figured out soon, so as to avoid low-scoring games and more losses.

    That being said, one has to question how far Phoenix can go if Nash stayed there.

    Making the playoffs and losing in the playoffs, to me, is essentially the same thing (most of the time).

8. Nash Is Getting Older

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    Steve Nash is 36 years and old and his birthday is coming up in February.

    While he has not shown too many signs of slowing down, one has to wonder how much he has left in the tank and for how long would he be willing to push his body.

    God knows I don't want to see a 6'3'' Shaq running up and down the court at point guard.

    I doubt he will ever reach that point, but still, 36 is an big number.

7. Needs Of The Team

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    The Phoenix Suns have a lot of problems right now.

    They lack any considerable post presence, and it shows during their games. The men that have been shining against them have mostly been power forwards and centers.

    Steve Nash is not exactly a defensive stopper, and maybe the Suns might want to add some post presence in order to strengthen their game on both ends of the court.

6. Look Into The Future

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    At one point, every team has to admit it is time to go back to the drawing board.

    Well, this seems to be the perfect time for the Suns. They are getting older and they have a great surge of young talent which could be great in the future.

    It remains to be seen how late the Suns will allow themselves to be the same old team.

5. Solid Team

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    The Suns don't really have a bad team when looking over their lineup.

    Goran Dragic is still growing and so far has shown great signs of a solid guard. They also have Dudley, Frye, Hedo and J-Rich, who are great shooters, and guys like Childress and Lopez who rebound.

    Add on the veteran presence of Grant Hill, and the team is not that bad.

    Their coach seems to have bright plans and they seem to be building their team quiet nicely.

    Trading Nash for some more shooters or inside scorers could greatly benefit this team.

4. Time For a Change

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    Like I stated earlier, the Suns need to go back to square one at some point in the next few years.

    Whether it be now or three years from now, it has to happen.

    If they trade Nash, they can attempt to get some young talent and completely rebuild the core of their team... which brings me to:

3. Teams Want Nash

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    Nash is still wanted around the league and teams are willing to pay for him.

    With the right moves, the Suns could easily get a couple of young players and maybe some draft picks in exchange for Nash and some non-factor from the Suns.

    Also, it should be noted that this window is not going to be open forever, and now is the perfect time to jump, considering just last season Nash led the league in assists.

2. Solid Footing

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    For the first time in a long while, the Suns finally have some solid footing when it comes to players and the coaching staff.

    The Suns know who they are as a team and have pieces in place to run their plans. All that remains is for them to build a strong group of young players and fight to the top of the Western Conference.

1. Nothing Vs. Something

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    One season ago, the Phoenix Suns were faced with a very tough decision of whether or not to trade Amar'e Stoudemire.

    If they did, they gave up the chance for a title. If they didn't, they could make a run, but would probably lose him in the end of the year.

    Well, they went with the short-term solution and kept him. They made a run, came up empty and Amar'e left for Madison Square Garden.


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    Like I stated in the beginning, I don't think the Suns should trade Nash, not yet, anyway.

    These arguments were simply designed to show a different perspective and also to challenge my own writing abilities.

    Please comment and share your thoughts!