The BCS Is Good? What The Old School Format Would Not Give Us In 2010

Dave WalkerCorrespondent INovember 16, 2010

The BCS Is Good? What The Old School Format Would Not Give Us In 2010

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    Everyday we hear much of the same thing.

    "College football needs a playoff system."

    "The BCS simply doesn't work."

    Well, if we look back to why the system was put into place in the first place, it was to make sure No. 1 played No. 2 for the national title.

    Sure, there will always be controversy as to who the best teams are, and in 2010 it is looking as if we could have at least three, if not four unbeaten and deserving teams. So again, it will almost certainly end in some type of debate or controversy.

    So is the system the worst thing ever?


    Look back at things from 1991. Miami and Washington split the title. Miami crushed Nebraska 22-0 in the Orange Bowl while the Huskies beat Michigan 34-14. The point is, they didn't get to play each other.

    The same thing happened three years later when Penn State was forced to play in the Rose Bowl while Nebraska would win the national title in the Orange Bowl.

    Would you rather see something like that happen again?

    If you are not convinced yet, let's take a look at some old school Bowl alignments that would have fit back in the early 90's.

The Rose Bowl

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    No. 1 Oregon vs No. 12 Michigan State/No. 6 Wisconsin/No. 8 Ohio State

    Under the old format, the Big Ten Champion would play the Pac 10 Champion no matter what.

    For No. 1 Oregon, it would mean no meeting with a Boise, TCU or Auburn in the national title game. Also under the current format, the BCS rankings will determine the champion of the Big Ten in case of a three-way tie.

    As of right now, it would go to the Badgers with a better BCS record since they split with both OSU and MSU. Under the old format, the Buckeyes would not even be considered to be able to go back-to-back.

    Bottom line is Oregon could benefit, or it could face a tougher opponent than the potential No. 2, we just will never know.

The Fiesta Bowl

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    At Large bowl?

    No. 5 LSU vs No. 7 Stanford

    Here is where things could get tricky. The old Fiesta Bowl consistently had top ten match-ups during the late 80's into the early 90's, and included the de-facto national title game in 1987 between Miami and Penn State due to neither team being held under a conference bowl obligation.

    Traditionally, this has been the TCU or Boise bowl game, but in the old format where the Fiesta Bowl can choose whoever they want, wouldn't you want a Pac 10 power vs. an SEC power?

    Again, this is more of speculation than anything as the Fiesta Bowl would be the wild card bowl in the older format.

The Sugar Bowl

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    No. 2 Auburn vs UR Pitt

    You can easily see why the Sugar Bowl would gobble up nearby SEC champion/leader Auburn. The closer they are, the more fans they bring, right?

    The problem here with this formula is, again, the Tigers do not face the Ducks.

    In this circumstance I put them up against the Big East automatic qualifier in Pitt, who isn't even ranked! How terrible is that?

    Even in a best case scenario, the Tigers get VaTech or Nebraska, and again neither are ranked one or two.

The Orange Bowl

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    No. 9 Nebraska vs No. 14 Virginia Tech

    Both the Huskers and Hokies have been a favorite of the Orange Bowl in the past, and this would at least make for an interesting matchup, although I think we saw this one recently in the regular season.

    In the new system, this would be an all likely matchup with nothing more than $$$ and pride to play for, which is not all that much different than the old system.

BCS National Title Game

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    3 Jan 2002:  Clinton Portis #28 of Miami lifts the Sears National Championship trophy as quarterback Ken Dorsey #11 looks on after the win over Nebraska in the Rose Bowl National Championship game at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California.  Miami won the g
    Brian Bahr/Getty Images

    Forget about it!

    There is no soup for you!

    You don't get Oregon vs Auburn this year.

    You wouldn't have gotten Florida vs OSU, Miami vs OSU, FSU vs VaTech or many of the other No. 1 vs No. 2 games.

    Still think the system is bad?


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    So where are the Horned Frogs?

    Well, back in the mid 90's they were in the old Southwest conference, which means they probably would have ended up in the Cotton Bowl as long as they won the conference.

    But after the conference dissolved, they bounced around for a while, eventually ending up in the MWC. The best they could hope for under the old system is an at large, which is not all that much different than it is now.

    But at least with the current system they are guaranteed that at-large spot.

Boise State

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    What about Boise, you ask?

    Well you know what they say: You saved the best for last.

    In the old system, the WAC champion went to the Holiday Bowl. Unless Boise found themselves No. 1 heading in like the 1984 BYU team did, this would be a disappointing spot for the Broncos.

Still Wanna Go Old School?

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    If you are still not convinced, there is nothing more that can be said to change your mind, except for stop hoping for a playoff system.

    The bowls bring in too much $$$ for them to be dissolved or even altered in any way, shape or form, especially the BCS bowls.

    If you are hoping for our government to step in, wake up! They can barely run our country, let alone change our football system, and besides, they are just as greedy when it comes to handouts as the bowls and universities themselves.

    Just look at what could have happened back just 20 years ago, and compare it to what it may look like come January.

    How can you argue with a system that is a step above what we had?