Andrej Meszaros Signs RFA Offer Sheet

Spencer CallaghanAnalyst IAugust 28, 2008

The Hockey News is reporting that Ottawa Senators' restricted free agent Andrej Meszaros has signed an offer sheet worth more than $5 million per season. The team has yet to be disclosed.

If true, the Sens would have the option to match the offer or let Meszaros go and receive compensatory draft picks. The value of the deal will determine just how many picks the Sens would receive and what type they would be.

My take, if this is true: Bye, bye Andrej!

Meszaros had a promising start to his career but has since dropped off considerably. He clearly has an over-inflated sense of his value and is taking advantage of the Sens' cap and roster situation to try to squeeze out more money.

Coming off a sub-par season, Meszaros should be content to sign a one-year deal and prove himself, but he seems to want the money up front without proving that he deserves it.

Sens GM Brian Murray hinted at Meszaros' uncertain potential today in an article at

"I think Mez is a potentially good young defenceman who had a bit of an off-year this past year, and we've asked their camp to entertain that in what we're trying to do with him," Murray stated.

The last thing the Sens need is to overpay for a player like Meszaros who has yet to prove he deserves the big money.

I look forward to seeing who the offering team is so I can add them to my hate list.