Brett Favre: 10 Reasons Why He Announced His Plans to Retire

Chris Eggemeyer@@chriseggemeyerCorrespondent INovember 16, 2010

Brett Favre: 10 Reasons Why He Announced His Plans to Retire

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    A few days ago, Brett Favre announced that this would be his final season in the NFL.

    Wait a minute...that sounds familiar.

    Give me a second while I try to figure this one out...

    O yeah, right, he's 'retired' at the end of three straight seasons.

    So, what makes this one any different?

    Unlike the last few seasons, Brett Favre has really been driving nails into the coffin of his NFL career, roughly ten if I were to estimate.

    What are those ten, you ask? Here they are, the ten reasons why Brett Favre announced that this would be his last year in the NFL...again.

Jenn Sterger

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    I'm sure you all recognize that girl on the left by now.

    That girl is Jenn Sterger, and she brought to light the latest NFL scandal, i.e. the Brett Favre 'sexting' scandal.

    This recent debacle has not only seemingly derailed Brett Favre as a player, but it could have serious repercussion in his family life. Favre needs to get out while the getting is good so that he can avoid another disastrous instance like this (or, if he's lucky, he could even avoid the fallout from this particular event).


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    You know how they say 40 is the new 30?

    Not in football.

    In football, it's more like 40 is the new 75.

    The longer Favre stays in the game, the more likely he is to not only drag his team down with declining production, but the more likely he is to turn into a completely crippled old man.


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    This follows along the same lines as age, but it bears repeating.

    There was a time when Favre could take hits like the one you see on this slide.

    Now is not that time.

    Favre continues to hurt himself over and over again, and it will only get worse as he plays more games, takes more hits and gets older.


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    I could go on and on about Favre violating the fundamental quarterback rule in football (never throw across your body to the middle of the field), or his complete inability to extend plays with his feet, or any number of his other production issues, but instead, I'll leave this slide with one comment:

    When do the Vikings consider starting Tarvaris Jackson?

Brad Childress

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    Childress has more or less signed his death warrant after leading the team to a miserable 3-6 record, as well as, orchestrating the busted trade for Randy Moss.

    Favre will not only follow Childress out the door because he has done all of the convincing in the past two years, but because Favre is simply too old and too close to the true end of his career to be able to learn a new system.

His Image

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    With the Jenn Sterger controversy, the complete lack of production and the chaos that surrounds him every offseason, Brett Favre does not have the same image that he used to.

    When people used to think of Brett Favre, they used to think of him as the legendary quarterback who celebrated every touchdown like it was his first. The guy who was the consummate teammate and who every quarterback aspired to be.

    Now, Favre is the mistake-prone source of destruction for the Minnesota Vikings whose chief off-field activity is sending pictures to associates from his former teams.

    That's not how we all want to remember Favre.

The SNL Effect

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    You know things are bad when you get ripped this hard by Saturday Night Live.

    While it is all in jest, you do have to realize that they are getting at some really serious issues with this allegation.

    Also, am I the only one who thinks Jason Sudeikis did a great job with the Favre impression?

Stop The Hate

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    No one likes to see Brett Favre get booed, especially by the folks at Lambeau Field, who were so good to him for so long.

    The longer he stays, the more boos he will get, and it's just not fun to watch something like that happen to someone you idolized.

End The Favre Watch

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    Everyone has capitalized on the inevitable buildup of tension throughout the summer about whether or not Favre will end up coming back from another season.

    Favre Watch has become a fixture over the past few years and it simply has to stop.

    At some point, people need closure, and they need to stop fixating on this on aggravating 'news story'.

The Record Books Are Already Full

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    There really aren't many records left for Brett Favre to break, so what is he trying to prove at this point?

    Most people reach a point where they understand that they have accomplished great things, at which point they decide to go out on top and rest on their laurels.

    Apparently Brett Favre hasn't gotten to that point yet.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

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