EPL Gameweek 13: Tracking The True Form Of Each Team

Ben RobersonContributor INovember 16, 2010

EPL Gameweek 13: Tracking The True Form Of Each Team

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    A third of the season is now complete, and you'd hope that the table is starting to look like the results that are getting people to their places. Of course, there is still only 6 points between 5th and 17th, so anything is possible. Here are the rankings this week.

    This is, in essence, ranking the teams in form. But I will be adding a bit of a change to it. Of course form is important, but the more recent results in this run outweigh the latter results. So while it would be easy to just say W-W-D-D-L-L and tab up the points. I am going to account for the time since the result too.

    This shows up as a points coefficient (named to sound cool) which will be out of 3. Essentially, based on the form from their past 6 games, how many points per game they would be averaging. This will be put onto every page, also along with a the projected number of points for continuing this run of form. And finally, a projected table on the final slide.

    Please comment on how you found this, as obviously, if this isn't popular, then there is no sense in me wasting article space on whatever page it ends up on when something better can occupy it.

    This will be updated every gameweek Tuesday, or in the case of a midweek game, Friday. Thanks for the positive view count I had from last week, hopefully I can improve on that this week.


20. Wolverhampton Wanderers [19th]

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    Last Week: 19th [0.67]

    Last 6 Games: D-L-W-L-L-L

    Points Coefficient: 0.58

    Projected Points: 23

    Next Game: Blackpool (A)

    Wolves need a win next week against Blackpool, this could very well be the most important match of the season, seeing as they look to be in freefall at the moment. Having said that, it was a spirited comeback against Bolton, but they couldn't get the point.

19. West Bromwich Albion [12th]

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    Last Week: 15th [0.93]

    Last 6 Games: D-W-L-L-D-L

    Points Coefficient: 0.71

    Projected Points: 34

    Next Game: Stoke (H)

    This Stoke side just beat an in-form Liverpool team quite handily. However, this same Stoke team will not be playing at the fortress known as the Britannia, so this could go either way, but for the Baggies, they need it to go their way.

18. West Ham [20th]

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    Last Week: 20th [0.67]

    Last 6 Games: D-L-L-D-D-D

    Points Coefficient: 0.71

    Projected Points: 27

    Next Game: Liverpool (A)

    Liverpool looked like they were on a hot streak last week, but after that loss to Stoke, can West Ham, who are undefeated for 3 games right now, take advantage and get maybe more than just a point against this bipolar Liverpool side.

17. Fulham [16th]

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    Last Week: 16th [0.84]

    Last 6 Games: L-L-W-D-L-D

    Points Coefficient: 0.87

    Projected Points: 36

    Next Game: Manchester City (H)

    Too many draws among the results see Fulham this low down, and they need someone to go out and score for them. Bore draws against Newcastle will not see them getting anywhere, especially against a Man City team when they work together.

16. Blackpool [15th]

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    Last Week: 13th [1.07]

    Last 6 Games: L-L-W-D-L-D

    Points Coefficient: 0.87

    Projected Points: 37

    Next Game: Wolverhampton Wanderers (H)

    Blackpool are slowly gathering a few points here and there, and this needs to be, for them, a big triple against a clearly struggling Wolves. When you play at this level, important games like this are essential.

15. Birmingham City [18th]

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    Last Week: 18th [0.84]

    Last 6 Games: L-W-D-D-L-D

    Points Coefficient: 0.96

    Projected Points: 37

    Next Game: Chelsea (H)

    Normally, if you could manage to shut down the attack of Man City, you'd do well in the league. Yet the Blues find themselves in the bottom 3 for one reason. Consistency, it's great working a draw out of the big games (Man City, Aston Villa, etc...) but you need to then draw the small games too, and clearly that's not happening. And I don't see it happening against an, albeit weakened, Chelsea team out looking for vengeance.

14. Wigan Athletic [17th]

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    Last Week: 17th [0.84]

    Last 6 Games: D-D-L-L-D-W

    Points Coefficient: 1.11

    Projected Points: 42

    Next Game: Manchester United (A)

    A win on Saturday got them out of the relegation zone, and due to the fixture of the team around them, should stay out of it after this week. That said, you're playing against Manchester United.

13. Blackburn Rovers [14th]

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    Last Week: 10th [1.40]

    Last 6 Games: D-L-L-W-W-L

    Points Coefficient: 1.24

    Projected Points: 46

    Next Game: Aston Villa (H)

    Blackburn left it too late against Tottenham and suffered for it. But they are back at home against a suffering Aston Villa team, they have to think they can get a point here, maybe two more. But they must not be too careless, this same suffering Villa side held Manchester United to 2-0 for 80 minutes of the game, and United this team is not.

12. Stoke [10th]

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    Last Week: 14th [1.00]

    Last 6 Games: L-L-L-L-W-W

    Points Coefficient: 1.27

    Projected Points: 48

    Next Game: West Brom (A)

    After a poor run a few weeks ago, the Potters are starting to pick up a couple of wins, and they face Team November in West Brom, so they need to go into this thinking 9 points from 9. Of course, when three of those points come against Liverpool, make sure you don't start to overlook this match.

11. Aston Villa [9th]

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    Last Week: 11th [1.18]

    Last 6 Games: D-L-D-D-W-D

    Points Coefficient: 1.27

    Projected Points: 49

    Next Game: Blackburn (A)

    Villa are now unbeaten in four games, and were close to second win in a row against Manchester United. Of course, the stamina and concentration that can only improve with age will, as is the term, improve with age. Blackburn are not Man United, and the younger players will now be aware of what can happen in the final 10 minutes, so now it is just whether they can produce the same performance against Blackburn.

10. Manchester City [4th]

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    Last Week: 7th [1.56]

    Last 6 Games: W-L-L-W-D-D

    Points Coefficient: 1.29

    Projected Points: 54

    Next Game: Fulham (A)

    This will be the first match for Mark Hughes since he was removed as manager of Man City, so he will be fired up for this one. Expect Fulham to come out of the gate quickly and it is up to the vast wealth of players at Eastlands to contain them, then to get a result out of this, something which hasn't been so consistent at this moment in time.

9. Everton [13th]

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    Last Week: 4th [1.84]

    Last 6 Games: W-D-W-D-D-L

    Points Coefficient: 1.31

    Projected Points: 48

    Next Game: Sunderland (A)

    Everton just couldn't find the late comeback against Arsenal, and duly lost. Now they face a Sunderland side who, on the same day, found a way to put 3 goals against the league leaders Chelsea. This could be a tough game, but David Moyes has always found a way to get results at this club and he will always feel his side has a chance at taking the points.

8. Tottenham Hotspurs [7th]

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    Last Week: 12th [1.11]

    Last 6 Games: W-D-L-L-D-W

    Points Coefficient: 1.33

    Projected Points: 52

    Next Game: Arsenal (A)

    Not including the fact that it looks like Jermaine Jenas' hand is being eaten in that picture, Spurs have been a rather inconsistent team this year, and in fact, their last 6 games are symmetrical with 2 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses. They now go to Arsenal on Saturday and if they can knock the Gunners off, then they could rebuild from there are go challenge Man City in 4th.

7. Chelsea [1st]

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    Last Week: 1st [2.13]

    Last 6 Games: D-W-W-L-W-L

    Points Coefficient: 1.58

    Projected Points: 67

    Next Game: Birmingham City (A)

    Birmingham City had better watch out, because Chelsea will be seeking retribution after Sunderland handed them defeat on Sunday. On the other hand, Chelsea had better watch out, they are lacking in defence at the moment, and it showed on Sunday. This could define the next few weeks or so for Chelsea.

6. Liverpool [11th]

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    Last Week: 5th [1.82]

    Last 6 Games: L-W-W-W-W-D-L

    Points Coefficient: 1.60

    Projected Points: 56

    Next Game: West Ham (H)

    Liverpool were soundly beat Saturday evening, and now they have to pick up the pieces again and try and put this game behind them. They have still taken 10 points from their last 15 games to get up to 11th, and they are facing West Ham, bottom of the table. So if there is a team to play against right now, it's a safe bet it's West Ham.

5. Newcastle [8th]

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    Last Week: 6th [1.73]

    Last 6 Games: D-W-W-W-L-D

    Points Coefficient: 1.73

    Projected Points: 61

    Next Game: Bolton (A)

    This is a big game for both clubs, both of them are flying high at the moment and are hitting form at the right time, so this could be the game of the week. Andy Carroll is Newcastle's star at the moment, warranting an England call-up and a place in the starting line-up for tomorrow, so he may be the key to their victory against the Trotters.

4. Bolton [5th]

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    Last Week: 9th [1.49]

    Last 6 Games: W-D-L-W-D-W

    Points Coefficient: 1.87

    Projected Points: 66

    Next Game: Newcastle (H)

    And Bolton are just pulling in superb performances as a team. They survived a late scare against Wolves to win 3-2 and go into 5th, and a potential Europa League space. Once more they need to stop another high flyer in Newcastle, before they face Blackpool at home.

3. Sunderland [6th]

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    Last Week: 8th [1.53]

    Last 6 Games: D-W-L-W-D-W

    Points Coefficient: 1.91

    Projected Points: 67

    Next Game: Everton (H)

    Ignoring the St. James' Park mauling, Sunderland are looking pretty good for themselves, you know. Beating Chelsea 3-0 at Stamford Bridge probably sounds quite nice to Steve Bruce. Now that the tough bit is over, they need to buckle down and not lose concentration against Everton, if they can do that. Then this could be an interesting season for the Black Cats after they threatened to do so well in the latter parts of 2009.

2. Manchester United [3rd]

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    Last Week: 3rd [2.07]

    Last 6 Games: D-W-W-W-D-D

    Points Coefficient: 1.93

    Projected Points: 73

    Next Game: Wigan (H)

    If you come back from 2 goals down with 10 minutes to go, you're either Manchester United, or you're playing them, plain and simple. They have a habit of being a part of it and that's why they are still unbeaten. Of course, drawing every game won't win you the title, so winning at home against Wigan is vital for Man United, after they failed to fully capitalise on the loss for Chelsea.

1. Arsenal [2nd]

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    Last Week: 2nd [2.07]

    Last 6 Games: W-W-W-L-W-W

    Points Coefficient: 2.47

    Projected Points: 88

    Next Game: Tottenham (H)

    15 points out of 18. Now they are only 2 points behind an injury-hit Chelsea in second place. If they can walk into the Emirates, and then walk out with another 3 points, then they could see themselves at the top of the table where 6 games ago they were 7 points adrift. Of course, to do that, you have to put away your arch-rivals Tottenham, never an easy game as previous years have shown.

Projected Table

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    So, this week I'll not only show the projected points, position, etc... But also the change that they move by up the table from last week's projected table. Everything is starting to fit into place in terms of how this will look each week and it will be a pleasure showing it to you. Thanks for reading this to the end and please please please comment to let me know if you want anything changed:


    1. Arsenal [2] - 88 +2

    2. Manchester United [3] - 73 +1

    3. Chelsea [1] - 67 -2

    4. Sunderland [6] - 67 +4

    5. Bolton [5] - 66 +4

    6. Newcastle [8] - 61 +0

    7. Liverpool [11] - 56 -3

    8. Manchester City [4] - 54 -1

    9. Tottenham Hotspurs [7] - 52 +3

    10. Aston Villa [9] - 49 +1

    11. Everton [13] - 48 -6

    12. Stoke [10] - 48 +3

    13. Blackburn [14] - 46 -3

    14. Wigan [17] - 42 +4

    15. Birmingham City [18] - 37 +2

    16. Blackpool [15] - 37 -3

    17. Fulham [16] - 36 -1

    18. West Bromwich Albion [12] - 34 -4

    19. West Ham United [20] - 27 +1

    20. Wolverhampton Wanderers [19] - 23 -1