Second Chance For Adam Jones

Dwan SamuelCorrespondent IAugust 28, 2008

Today, August 28, 2008, Adam Jones has officially been fully reinstated into the National Football League. 

Jones has not played in a NFL game (excluding pre-season games) since December 31, 2006.  He gained partial reinstatement on June 2, 2008 and has participated in practices, training camp, and preseason games with the Dallas Cowboys.

Jones must continue the NFL’s personal conduct program along with the Cowboy’s player development program (which he voluntarily chose to participate in, but life is looking pretty good for Mr. Jones. 

If all goes well for Jones this season, he can have a major impact with the Cowboys organization.  He has been looking good during the preseason games.  He does not seem to have the speed and agility that he did with the Titans, but he is not far away from his old form.  He is still in great shape and there should be no doubts that the Jones will be ready for the season opener against the Browns

Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin have become mentors and friends to Jones.  He has taken all of the necessary steps to start anew.  If Jones can stay “away from those knuckleheads and just stay focused,” (as stated by Jones) he will be fine. 

Jones has the opportunity for a second chance and to be an example for both rookies and veterans.  Hopefully, players will realize that errors in judgment can cost them their careers and that the NFL may give second chances, but it will not be an easy journey.  Perhaps, owner and general manager of the Cowboys put it best when he said, “Adam has worked hard to get to this point, but there is still a lot of work ahead of him.  He is fully aware of the opportunity that he has been given, and he knows that this is an ongoing process.”