Why Juande's Berbatov headache is all Daniel Levy’s making

L TugarCorrespondent IAugust 26, 2008

As chairmen go, Daniel Levy is not doing too bad a job.

He, who has a first class degree in economics, has balanced the books at Tottenham very well with the club having no debt. He has maintained a wage structure that bodes well for the future while also attracting, and retaining, players on that wage structure. He has presided over two fifth-place finishes and a cup win while also bringing Juande Ramos to White Hart Lane.

However, as he takes on the might of Manchester United over Dimitar Berbatov, it might just be one hurdle too many.

As it stands, with only days left until the end of the transfer window, Tottenham are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Forget the results on the pitch for one second and concentrate on the simple economics surrounding Dimitar Berbatov.

Here is a player that signed for approximately £11.75million in 2006 and is now being valued in the region of £25m-£30m. Effectively, his value has doubled in the two seasons he has worn the colours of Tottenham. However, his value is only important when a transaction actually occurs - much like the housing market.

When I sold my house in May this year, the market value showed a fantastic 34 per cent increase on my purchase price over three-and-a-half years. However, when I actually sold it, it was only a 24 per cent increase because I reduced the price slightly to entice a first-time buyer. Had I waited a month or so later, I might have struggled to sell it at all. This is where the most outlandish comparison ever comes into play, as I compare Berbatov to the housing market!