Ole Miss vs. LSU Football: Cheerleader Showdown of the Week

Nathaniel UyFeatured ColumnistNovember 16, 2010

Ole Miss vs. LSU Football: Cheerleader Showdown of the Week

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    Ole Miss vs. LSU. 

    This coming Saturday, these two SEC teams will go head-to-head for a serious showdown. The Tigers need to keep winning to make their case for a higher BCS ranking, while the Rebels need to win their next two games in order to finish the season with a 6-6 record.

    The Tigers are the surefire favorites on the football field. But are they the favorites when it comes to cheerleaders?

    It's time to decide that right now. Who has the hottest cheerleaders? LSU or Ole Miss?

    Let's get started.

The Football Team: Mississippi Rebels

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    Overall Record: 4-6

    SEC Record: 1-5

    Average Points Scored: 30.8

    Average Points Allowed: 34.8

    Notes: Their only SEC win this season has been against the Kentucky Wildcats.

The Football Team: LSU Tigers

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    Overall Record: 9-1

    SEC Record: 5-1

    Average Points Scored: 27.9

    Average Points Allowed: 14.6

    Notes: The Tigers dominated Louisiana-Monroe last weekend in an impressive shutout, 51-0.

Mississippi Rebels: Cheer Video

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    Here's video of some of the Rebel cheerleaders. 

    They're not doing their routine, but at least you get to check out some real cuties.

LSU Tigers: Cheer Video

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    These Tigers cheerleaders, on the other hand, are doing some serious cheering.

Ole Miss Rebels: Meet Stephanie

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    Meet Stephanie Chappars. She's a Sports Illustrated Cheerleader of the Week.

    Her major?

    Exercise Science.

Ole Miss Rebels: Stephanie Chappars

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    She's got cute puppy dog eyes.

    And loves steak.

    Medium rare, to be exact.

Ole Miss Rebels: Stephanie Chappars

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    Look at Steph go.

    By the way, her favorite NFL team is the New York Giants.

    Of course, she roots for Ole Miss alumnus Eli Manning.

Ole Miss Rebels: Stephanie Chappars

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    When not cheering, she likes to just lounge around.

    If you're lucky, maybe she'll watch a reality TV show with you.

LSU Tigers: Meet Liza

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    Meet Liza Boyer, she's a CNNSI Cheerleader of the Week.

    According to her interview with Sports Illustrated, her three favorite foods are pizza, steak and chocolate.

LSU Tigers: Liza Boyer

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    What's her major?

    Elementary Education.

LSU Tigers: Liza Boyer

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    Check out the light in her eyes.

    That's true passion for the Tigers.

LSU Tigers: Liza Boyers

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    She'd do anything for her team.

    Even get thrown up really high.


Ole Miss Rebels: The Rest

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    Aw, the ladies are doing a booty shake.

    Don't you just love those?

Ole Miss Rebels: Pom Poms Up

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    Here are more Southern hotties.

    Looking great, ladies, pom poms are up and ready to go.

    Go Rebels!

LSU Tigers: The Rest

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    The pledge of allegiance.

    What a great show of patriotism.

    What a great side shot of pretty women.

LSU Tigers: Front Shot

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    But yes, I know what you're thinking.

    Front shots are better.

Ole Miss Rebels: More Cheerleaders

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    This is a good-looking group.

    But they're not overly enthused. Why?

    The Rebels haven't really been winning—that's why.

    Their football team has earned only one SEC win all season.

LSU Tigers: Defense

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    Have I forgotten to mention that the Tigers are the second-best team out of the SEC?

    How have they done it?

    With cute cheerleaders. No, actually the blonde one has the right answer:

    Les Miles and his defense.

Ole Miss Rebels: Cheering

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    That's much better, ladies.

    These cheerleaders are finally showing signs of life.

LSU Tigers: Cheering

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    But this Tigers squad is not to be outdone.

    Look at her get into it.

Ole Miss: Red Bow

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    So which cheerleader do you like better?

    Miss Red Bow?

LSU Tigers: Purple Bow

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    Or Miss Purple Bow?

    Miss Purple is getting too giddy for my taste.

    There's something more mysterious and sexy about her Ole Miss counterpart.

Ole Miss Rebels: Pyramid

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    It's a tough choice between these two schools.

    Do we like the cutie at the top of the pyramid?

LSU Tigers: School Spirit

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    Or this brunette showing a lot of school spirit from the field?

    It's so hard to decide.

Ole Miss Rebels: Tailgating

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    Ah, a good old-fashioned tailgate.

    Barbecue, football and hot cheerleaders.

    It doesn't get any better.

LSU Tigers: Stretching

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    But wait.

    Stretching has never looked hotter.

Ole Miss Rebels: Having Fun

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    Look at these Mississippi ladies having fun.

LSU Tigers: Having More Fun

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    But these LSU chicks are having even more fun.

    Is this what happens in the crowd at every home game?

Ole Miss Rebels: Full of Personalities

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    What a great-looking group of Mississippi gals.

    An awesome blend of pretty faces and fun personalities.

LSU Tigers: Toned Bodies

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    Meanwhile, these Tigers are just proud to show off their toned bodies.

    Aren't we lucky today?

Ole Miss Rebels: Swimsuits

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    And what's a cheerleader showdown without swimsuits?

    Our surprise entry of this week actually comes from the ladies at Ole Miss, not the naughty gals from LSU.

LSU Tigers: Naughty

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    LSU has her to represent.

    I told you they were naughty.

Ole Miss Rebels: T-Shirt

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    Doesn't a cute girl just make you want to root for a football team?

    Well, at least she does.

LSU Tigers: Man Cheerleader

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    And an ugly man in a cheerleading uniform just doesn't help the LSU cause.

    Apparently they're naughty and weird in Louisiana State.

    That poor Boy Scout is now scarred for life.

So Who Wins?

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    It's a tough call.

    The Tigers looked like a sure-fire favorite at the start of the slideshow.

    But the Rebels had a much stronger second half.

MIssissippi Wins!

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    In a stunning surprise upset, I'm picking the Rebels.

    Their school's Southern belles just looked more classy and sweet. Meanwhile, the Tigers were just too kinky for my taste.

    But if that's what you're into, then by all means, go ahead and make your own cheerleader showdown.