WWE Entrance Music: An Example of Christian's Career in the Lyrics?

Matt OffermannCorrespondent INovember 16, 2010

I have been listening to the WWE theme songs for a while now. Mostly just Sheamus, Edge, Christian, Nexus, and Drew McIntyre. Not just the bits that make up their entrance themes but the full actual song. I used to think that the entrances were just to make us say, "Oh he's here." After listening to the songs there was one thing that jumped out at me.

It may be just me but I believe the song's can tell a persons careers with the company.

I will start off with one I know front and back, Christian's, which is by Story of the Year and is called "Just close your eyes."

The very first part of this song is...

"GO..if you close your eyes your life a naked truth revealed...dreams you never lived and scars never healed."

Now, for all the non-believers out there this makes perfect sense. I take this as the only way he can live his dreams (World Champion) is by closing his eyes. The scars never healed I can see as not being able to top Edge and that being his biggest scar.

"In the darkness light will take you to the other side, find me waiting there you'll see if you just close your eyes."

Obvious TNA placement seeing as how he was in darkness in the WWE but saw the light in TNA and went to eventually become Champion. The find me waiting there could be the Title he has waited for and deserved for so long.

"Decieved by my eyes, and all I was told I should see, Opinions not mine, the person they taught me to be, One night in the dark The vision of someone I know And out of the darkness I heard a voice say I'm you. Inside of me a light was turned on, then I was alive."

After this it returns to the first part of the song. Deceived by my eyes and all I was told I should see. At the height of his solo career, around 2005, I can't tell you and even all the hardcore peeps can't tell you how much we all thought Christian was going to finally have the world title. We were all deceived on what we thought we would see.

Opinions not mine, the person they taught me to be. Now I for one am extremely guilty of this and keep saying that he deserves a title, but not once have you ever heard Christian voicing those opinions. He was just doing what he was taught to do.

"One night in the dark a vision of someone I know, and out of the darkness I heard a voice say I'm you. Inside of me a light was turned on, then I was alive."

This one can be taken a few ways, the one that pops out to me would be that person in the dark would be Edge. Nine time WWE/World Champion and (to me) where Christian should be. So out of the darkness the voice of the person says I'm you. Could be a picture of Edge saying this because it is where Christian should have been in his career. 

Inside of me a light was turned on, then I was alive. Since this was made when Christian returned to the WWE I can take it as the light was turned then I was alive means the light of the WWE brought him back to take the ECW title. Him being alive was when he captured his first official World title.

"Heart's uninspired, trapped in somebody's dream."

At this point we were all uninspired at the WWE's route they were taking Christian and the only way we could see him with the title was in our dreams.

"Too close to the fire, yet cold and so numb with the pain."

There is no better evidence of this one than Vengeance of 2005. A match with Chris Jericho and John Cena for the WWE title. He was so close to winning it but he lost and has been cold and numb from not winning it.

"But the fever has broken and the river has run to the sea."

The fever of not being in the WWE and him going off into the river that is TNA changed when his river crossed back into the sea of the WWE.

"Washed to the ocean and saved by a voice inside me."

So Christian was washed (I hate the sound of that word) back to WWE because he knew that was where he belonged.

So that is my take on one theme song of the WWE. So what do you guys think? Am I thinking too much into this or does it make sense to you too?

I will write more about these I just wanted to start with one that I truely know.