NFL Power Rankings Week 11: Ranking All 32 Teams

Carl D. CarlucciCorrespondent INovember 16, 2010

NFL Power Rankings Week 11: Ranking All 32 Teams

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    Through 10 weeks, the NFL season has been difficult to gauge. Every week analysts are left guessing as to who the best team in the league is.

    Three weeks ago, the Pittsburgh Steelers sat atop the last edition of these power rankings. Since then the top five teams from those rankings have all seen incredible upheavals.

    The Steelers lost at home to the Patriots in unacceptable fashion. The New York Jets lost to the Green Bay Packers and struggled to defeat the Detroit Lions and Cleveland Browns. The Tennessee Titans have lost to the San Diego Chargers and Miami Dolphins. The New England Patriots lost to the Cleveland Browns. And the Baltimore Ravens lost to the Atlanta Falcons.

    So if no NFL team can claim dominance over the rest of the NFL, which team sits atop the power rankings in Week 11?

No. 32: Carolina Panthers (1-8)

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    Last Week: 16-31 Loss at Tampa Bay

    This Week: vs. Baltimore

    Offensive Rankings: 11.6 points per game (32nd); 250.6 yards per game (32nd)

    Defensive Rankings: 23.9 points per game (26th); 326.8 yards per game (14th)

    Net Points: -111

    Opponents Record: 45-36 (.556)

    Turnover Ratio: -10

    So this is what it comes down to for the Carolina Panthers: after 10 weeks of offensive ineptitude, it looks like sixth round pick Tony Pike out of Cincinnati might end up starting.

    Not that this should really make the Panthers league worst offense any worse.

    Matt Moore and Jimmy Clausen have combined to throw just six touchdowns against 14 interceptions. So when Jimmy Clausen went out with a concussion on a play at the goal line, Carolina faithful probably didn't feel all that bad.

    When your third string running back, Mike Goodson, runs for 100 yards on 23 carries and your offense still only musters 16 points against the league's 22nd ranked defense, it's safe to say that your offense is really bad.

    If your offense can barely muster ten points a game, your team isn't going to get many wins. The Panthers beat out the Bills in the battle of ineptitude now that the Bills have their first win. 

No. 31: Buffalo Bills (1-8)

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    Last Week: 14-12 Win vs. Detroit

    This Week: at Cincinnati

    Offensive Rankings: 18.2 ppg (29th); 303 ypg (28th)

    Defensive Rankings: 27.2 ppg (27th); 373.7 ypg (26th)

    Net Points: -81

    Opponents Record: 49-32 (.605)

    Turnover Ratio: -7

    Congratulations on the first win Buffalo!

    After losing three straight games by a field goal, two of which came in overtime, the Bills finally got their first win of the season.

    The team, and their fans, can thank Fred Jackson, who rolled up 170 of the team's 290 offensive yards and scored both of their touchdowns in the 14-12 win, including this 16-yard touchdown catch.

    The Bills have had a really difficult schedule. Watching them play, they don't seem nearly as pathetic as that 1-8 record would indicate. Yes, their defense is atrocious. But their offense can keep the team in games at times, as displayed by their performance against the Baltimore Ravens and their top 10 defense.

    The Panthers play the Ravens this upcoming weekend. It's not likely that the Panthers will put up quite the fight that the Bills did against the Ravens. That's why the Bills get bumped up in these rankings.

No. 30: Arizona Cardinals (3-6)

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    Last Week: 18-36 Loss vs. Seattle

    This Week: at Kansas City

    Offensive Rankings: 19.4 ppg (23rd); 263.9 ypg (31st)

    Defensive Rankings: 29 ppg (32nd); 401.8 ppg (31st)

    Net Points: -86

    Opponents Record: 45-36 (.556)

    Turnover Ratio: -8

    So many people are focused on the lack of an NFL caliber quarterback taking snaps under center in Arizona, but in the offseason the Cardinals' defense lost Karlos Dansby and Antrel Rolle.

    They added pieces off of other team's trash heaps hoping to make up for those loses, but it hasn't worked out. And honestly, why would it have? What good is a 33-year-old Joey Porter? Would the Jets really have traded Kerry Rhodes for fourth and seventh round picks if he was really worth anything at all?

    Sure Porter leads the team with 5 sacks. And Rhodes has made some big plays. But what does it matter when the defense is the worst in the league?

    Add that to future UFL All-Star Derek Anderson under center and it's a miracle that this Cardinals team has won three games.

    Ken Whisenhunt has to answer for this epic collapse from Super Bowl contender to also-ran. 

No. 29: Dallas Cowboys (2-7)

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    Last Week: 33-20 Win at New York

    This Week: vs. Detroit

    Offensive Rankings: 21.6 ppg (19th); 366.8 ypg (9th)

    Defensive Rankings: 28 ppg (29th); 354 ypg (23rd)

    Net Points -58

    Opponents Record: 45-36 (.556)

    Turnover Ratio: -7

    So this is how Princeton does it in the NFL, eh?

    As nice as Jason Garrett's first win in his first game as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys was, this win was not as big as many would have you believe.

    The Cowboys still can't stop anybody on defense. The New York Giants tallied 480 yards of total offense. If not for the three turnovers, including a 102 yard interception returned for a touchdown, the Giants likely would have won that game.

    But a win is a win. Garrett is 1-0 as a head coach and the Cowboys definitely seem to be playing a lot harder for him than they were for Wade Phillips.

    Unfortunately, the inconsistencies will probably persist under Garrett: lack of a pass-rush, hemorrhaging yards through the air, etc... 

No. 28: Cincinnati Bengals (2-7)

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    Last Week: 17-23 Loss at Indianapolis

    This Week: vs. Buffalo

    Offensive Rankings: 20.4 ppg (21st); 344.6 ypg (15th)

    Defensive Rankings: 23.7 ppg (24th); 329.3 ypg (15th)

    Net Points: -29

    Opponents Record: 47-34 (.580)

    Turnover Ratio: -1

    That picture captures Carson Palmer handing the game to the Indianapolis Colts this past week.

    But it's not fair to put all of the Bengals' woes on the shoulders of Palmer. After all, the Bengals are just not doing the two things that got them that 10-6 record last season: run the football and stop the other team from scoring.

    The Bengals defense is giving up 23.7 points per game. Their rush offense is only averaging 92.6 yards per game on a pathetic 3.7 yards per carry.

    It seems every Sunday that combination has the Bengals down early in games. In fact, the Bengals have scored 111 of their 184 points in the second half of games when they have to storm back from deficits.

    Simply put, they're asking Carson Palmer to do too much. The team should give Bernard Scott a chance to show what he can do at the running back position because Cedric Benson is not getting the job done.

No. 27: Detroit Lions (2-7)

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    Last Week: 12-14 Loss at Buffalo

    This Week: at Dallas

    Offensive Rankings: 23.9 ppg (11th); 336.2 ypg (19th)

    Defensive Rankings: 22.4 ppg (21st); 353.2 ypg (21st)

    Net Points: +13

    Opponents Record: 43-38 (.531)

    Turnover Ratio: +3

    Young teams have trouble finishing off games. The Detroit Lions are just the latest example of this. In Week 9 they allowed the New York Jets to storm back from a 10 point deficit in under five minutes and this Week they couldn't complete a comeback of their own against the previously win-less Buffalo Bills.

    It's a shame that the Lions are this far down in the rankings because they're not a bad team. The defense is improving each week and the offense, whether it be Matthew Stafford or Shaun Hill at quarterback, can put up points.

    It's probably be said enough that it's just obnoxious at this point, but Jim Schwartz has this team moving in the right direction. Hopefully the Lions will pick up a couple of more wins this season and rise up the rankings.

No. 26: San Francisco 49ers (3-6)

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    Last Week: 23-20 Win vs. St. Louis

    This Week: vs. Tampa Bay

    Offensive Rankings: 17.8 ppg (31st); 327.6 ypg (22nd)

    Defensive Rankings: 22 ppg (19th); 331.4 (16th)

    Net Points: -38

    Opponents Record: 42-39 (.519)

    Turnover Ratio: -4

    The Bay Area fans had it all wrong when they were chanting, "We Want Carr!" What they meant to say was, "We Want Smith...the other one!"

    Troy Smith is now 2-0 as the 49ers starter and the team is just two games out of first place in the NFC West with seven weeks to go.

    Sure it's only because they are in the weak NFC West, but it's still a testament to this team's resiliency that they haven't allowed Mike Singletary to put his foot completely in his mouth yet.

    Frank Gore has turned it on lately, helping to take pressure off of Troy Smith. The former Buckeye Heisman has a 116.6 QB Rating and has locked up the starting quarterback job for the foreseeable future.

No. 25: Minnesota Vikings (3-6)

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    Last Week: 13-27 Loss at Chicago

    This Week: vs. Green Bay

    Offensive Rankings: 18.8 ppg (27th); 340.9 ypg (17th)

    Defensive Rankings: 21.7 (17th); 310.8 (7th)

    Net Points: -26

    Opponents Record: 44-37 (.543)

    Turnover Ratio: -11

    Sports media outlets all over the country got really excited when Brett Favre led the Vikings back from a 4th quarter deficit to defeat the Arizona Cardinals, throwing for a career best 446 yards in the process. 

    Then everybody took pause, got their wits about them, and realized that said comeback occurred against the Cardinals, who are ranked 30th on this list.

    And now Favre has crashed back to earth after throwing three interceptions in a Week 10 matchup against the Chicago Bears.

    The Vikings have Adrian Peterson. They protect Brett Favre, only allowing 18 sacks all season. They also have a defense that ranks in the top 10 in both pass and rush yards surrendered. Sure they don't get to the opposing team's quarterback (only 13 sacks), but this team, as currently assembled, should not be 3-6.

    Well, they wouldn't be if they had a quarterback that hasn't thrown 16 interceptions and has a 72.2 QB Rating.

No. 24: Denver Broncos (3-6)

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    Last Week: 49-29 Win vs. Kansas City

    This Week: at San Diego

    Offensive Rankings: 22.6 ppg (14th); 373.3 (5th)

    Defensive Rankings: 28 ppg (30th); 372.9 (25th)

    Net Points: -49

    Opponents Record: 47-34 (.580)

    Turnover Ratio: -3

    What's the best way to get the taste of a 59-14 blowout loss against a divisional rival out of your mouth?

    To win in a blowout of your own 49-29 against a divisional rival. That's just what the Broncos did in Week 10 by blowing out the Chiefs in Denver.

    Apparently Chiefs coach Todd Haley did not appreciate the coaching job Josh McDaniels did this week because Haley refused to shake his hand after the game.

    How dare he allow Tim Tebow to run and throw for a touchdown against his team!

    Nice win for the Broncos. It doesn't change the fact that the Broncos can't play any defense. 

No. 23: Washington Redskins (4-5)

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    Last Week: 28-59 Loss vs. Philadelphia

    This Week: at Tennessee

    Offensive Rankings: 20.3 ppg (24th); 331 ypg (23rd)

    Defensive Rankings: 25.4 ppg (26th); 415.3 ypg (32nd)

    Net Points: -46

    Opponents Record: 42-39 (.519)

    Turnover Ratio: +5

    A loss like this is unacceptable, especially at home.

    It doesn't matter if Michael Vick is a freak of nature, something never seen in the NFL before. You can't allow a division rival hang 59 on you at home. Just ask Josh McDaniels, who apologized to Broncos fans after their 59-14 loss against AFC West rival Oakland in Week 7.

    Mike Shanahan better get that apology ready.

    Making matters worse is that the team put up such a pathetic performance the same day the organization announced a five-year, $78 million dollar extension for a soon-to-be 34-year-old quarterback a few weeks after your head coach benches him in the final two minutes of a game.

No. 22: Cleveland Browns (3-6)

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    Last Week: 20-26 Loss vs. NYJ

    This Week: at Jacksonville

    Offensive Rankings: 19.1 ppg (25th); 305.7 ypg (26th)

    Defensive Rankings: 20.2 ppg (10th); 358.6 ypg (24th)

    Net Points: -10

    Opponents Record: 52-29 (.642)

    Turnover Ratio: +1

    No doubt about it, Eric Mangini has this Cleveland Browns team performing admirably. Of the Browns nine opponents, three have 7-2 records (Atlanta, New England and NYJ) and four have 6-3 records (Tampa Bay, Baltimore, Pittsburgh and New Orleans). They have only one game against a team with a record below .500 (Cincinnati).

    The Browns are just not at a point where they can consistently compete with teams like these on a week-to-week basis and produce a winning record.

    Colt McCoy's 85.2 QB Rating is especially admirable given the competition he is up against.

    In the last seven games of the Browns season they have a considerably easier schedule than the one they were dealt through the first nine games. If they keep playing this well they will win some games down the stretch.

No. 21: Houston Texans (4-5)

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    Last Week: 24-31 Loss at Jacksonville

    This Week: at NYJ

    Offensive Rankings: 24.1 ppg (10th); 372.9 ypg (6th)

    Defensive Rankings: 28.6 ppg (31st); 409.7 ypg (31st)

    Net Points: -40

    Opponents Record: 43-38 (.531)

    Turnover Ratio: -3

    Wow! Prayers are not answered everyday. But they were for the Jaguars this past the expense of the Texans.

    Watching Houston's pitiful pass defense week in and week out though, wouldn't it be the Texans that surrender a Hail Mary pass to end a game?

    The Texans just can't play defense, especially since the injury to DeMeco Ryans. After starting out the year 2-0, as a favorite to win the AFC South and perhaps make a deep playoff run, the Texans are now floundering.

    2-5 in their last seven games, things do not get any better this weekend when the Texans travel to New Jersey to take on the 7-2 Jets.

No. 20: St. Louis Rams (4-5)

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    Last Week: 20-23 Loss at San Francisco

    This Week: vs. Atlanta

    Offensive Rankings: 17.8 ppg (30th); 305.9 ypg (25th)

    Defensive Rankings: 18.2 ppg (6th); 325.8 ypg (12th)

    Net Points: -4

    Opponents Record: 33-48 (.407)

    Turnover Ratio: +3

    What's to be done when you sack the opposing quarterback five times and limit the opposing team to 0/11 on third down but still lose?

    Much like the Lions, the young Rams are not capable of finishing teams.

    Steve Spagnuolo, who came to St. Louis with the reputation of a keen defensive mind, has the Rams defense playing well, while Sam Bradford and the offense are struggling without making too many big mistakes.

    Still, the Rams have had a very easy schedule. Playing in the NFC West will keep the Rams in the playoff chase, but they are still not an impressive team by any means.

    This season has been a success, if only because the Rams have been starved for any glimmer of hope.

No. 19: Seattle Seahawks (5-4)

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    Last Week: 36-18 Win at Arizona

    This Week: at New Orleans

    Offensive Rankings: 18.4 ppg (28th); 286.7 ypg (30th)

    Defensive Rankings: 22.1 ppg (20th); 376.9 ypg (27th)

    Net Points: -33

    Opponents Record: 37-44 (.457)

    Turnover Ratio: +1

    The Seahawks have established dominance over the NFC West for now, which is not much of a feat in the 2010 NFL season. Whether or not they hold onto that top spot is another story.

    Matt Hasselbeck's health has got to be a point of concern for the Seahawks, who struggle greatly in all facets of offense.

    On defense they are a below-average team as well, which puts them at a disadvantage to teams like the Rams and 49ers. Both struggle on offense just like the Seahawks, but both are also better on defense than the Seahawks.

    Even if all four teams would be bottom-dwellers in other divisions, the race for the NFC West crown should be an exciting one. 

No. 18: Jacksonville Jaguars (5-4)

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    Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

    Last Week: 31-24 Win vs. Houston

    This Week: vs. Cleveland

    Offensive Rankings: 21.8 ppg (18th); 331.7 ypg (20th)

    Defensive Rankings: 27.8 ppg (28th); 387.2 ypg (28th)

    Net Points: -54

    Opponents Record: 36-45 (.444)

    Turnover Ratio: -6

    Those that might want to proclaim the Jaguars either contenders in the AFC South or for a Wild Card might want to remain a bit wary of the jungle cats.

    A 59-yard field goal and a 50-yard Hail Mary in the final three seconds to win games?

    Without those two plays the Jaguars are 3-6. Furthermore, their opponents have a .444 record, the team has a turnover ratio of minus-six and they have allowed 54 more points than they scored this season.

    The Jaguars have a pretty tough schedule down the stretch and it's no sure bet that this team is really an above-.500 caliber team.

    That being said, David Garrard is one of the hottest quarterbacks in the league right now. In the last six games, the Jaguars are 4-2 and Garrard has completed 76 percent of his passes with 11 touchdowns and just two interceptions.

    The question is can Garrard keep this up?

No. 17: Kansas City Chiefs (5-4)

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    Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

    Last Week: 29-49 Loss at Denver

    This Week: vs. Arizona

    Offensive Rankings: 23.6 ppg (12th); 363.6 ypg (10th)

    Defensive Rankings: 21.6 ppg (16th); 344.7 ypg (19th)

    Net Points: +18

    Opponents Record: 34-47 (.418)

    Turnover Ratio: +5

    You can't surrender 49 points and be a serious contender.

    You also can't lose back-to-back games against divisional rivals and expect to contend.

    However, the upside for the Kansas City Chiefs is two-fold: they only have two teams left on their schedule with winning records and Matt Cassel is on-fire right now.

    Coming out of the Chiefs bye in Week 4, Cassel has thrown 12 touchdowns to just one interception in the team's last six games.

    The Chiefs are playing really good football this season. Much like the Rams, they are in contention because of their weak schedule. That's not to take anything away from the Chiefs, they're on the right path; it's just highly likely that they're in a little over their heads this season.

No. 16: Miami Dolphins (5-4)

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    Last Week: 29-17 Win vs. Tennessee

    This Week: vs. Chicago

    Offensive Rankings: 19.1 ppg (26th); 344.3 ypg (16th)

    Defensive Rankings: 21.3 ppg (14th); 314.1 ypg (8th)

    Net Points: -20

    Opponents Record: 41-40 (.506)

    Turnover Ratio: -5

    Miami is still in contention for the playoffs. They are at a disadvantage after losing two home division games, but a conference win against the Titans this week was big, especially given the Dolphin's carousel at the quarterback position.

    Now the question is who will play quarterback if Chad Henne is healthy? Will it be Henne or Tyler Thigpen? Can either one lead the Dolphins to the playoffs in the rough and tumble AFC?

    One thing that is different from the Dolphins team in 2009 and this season is the lack of a running game. The Dolphins, who had a top five rush offense last season, are ranked 19th in the NFL so far this year. Now with Jake Long injured it should be even more difficult for the Dolphins to establish the run, something both Henne and Thigpen need to take pressure off of them. 

No. 15: San Diego Chargers (4-5)

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    Last Week: Bye

    This Week: vs. Denver

    Offensive Rankings: 26.6 ppg (5th); 420.2 ypg (1st)

    Defensive Rankings: 21.9 ppg (17th); 274.7 ypg (2nd)

    Net Points: +42

    Opponents Record: 43-38 (.531)

    Turnover Ratio: -9

    The Chargers are still busy working their way back from a pathetic 2-5 start to the season.

    The good news is that they are just one game out of the Chiefs and Raiders after back-to-back wins against Tennessee and Houston.

    Coming out of their bye, the Chargers have four divisional games left, giving them plenty of time to make up ground and make the nightmare start to the season just a bad memory.

    They'll need to do a better job of protecting the football and guarding kick and punt returns in order to make their top five rankings in offense and defense stick.

    Obviously, their ranking here indicates the likelihood that San Diego pulls the comeback off  is good.

No. 14: Oakland Raiders (5-4)

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    Last Week: Bye

    This Week: at Pittsburgh

    Offensive Rankings: 26.1 ppg (7th); 361 ypg (12th)

    Defensive Rankings: 20.9 ppg (12th); 309.6 ypg (6th)

    Net Points: +47

    Opponents Record: 36-45 (.444)

    Turnover Ratio: +1

    At the start of the season, quite a few analysts saw the Oakland Raiders team and thought they had a chance to play well and compete for the AFC West.

    Over the first couple of weeks those predictions looked questionable when the team started 1-3.

    Now at 5-4 and in possession of the first-place tiebreaker in the AFC West, the Raiders are making good on those prognostications.

    Their bruising ground attack and top five pass defense make them an odd matchup for most teams in the pass-happy NFL.

    Moving forward the Raiders should be part of an intense three-way race for the AFC West crown.

No. 13: Tennessee Titans (5-4)

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    Marc Serota/Getty Images

    Last Week: 17-29 Loss at Miami

    This Week: vs. Washington

    Offensive Rankings: 26.8 ppg (2nd); 304.9 ypg (27th)

    Defensive Rankings: 19.9 ppg (9th); 350.8 (20th)

    Net Points: +62

    Opponents Record: 42-39 (.519)

    Turnover Ratio: +4

    So Randy Moss' first game as a Tennessee Titan did not go according to plan.

    One catch, 26 yards and a double-digit loss is probably not what Jeff Fisher had in mind.

    However, only fools thought Moss would be the be-all end-all cure for the Titans, who really don't have a great pass defense or pass offense. The biggest problem, other than the no-name defense that has struggled against opposing quarterbacks, is the uninspiring tandem of Vince Young and Kerry Collins at quarterback.

    When the Titans raced out to 5-2, many thought they were one of the top teams in the NFL. Two straight losses to middling AFC teams in Miami and San Diego should have people thinking otherwise. Suddenly the Titans are not much more than another middling AFC team.

No. 12: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-3)

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    Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

    Last Week: 31-16 Win vs. Carolina

    This Week: at San Francisco

    Offensive Rankings: 20.9 ppg (20th); 327.9 ypg (21st)

    Defensive Rankings: 22.9 ppg (23rd); 353.8 ypg (22nd)

    Net Points: -18

    Opponents Record: 33-48 (.407)

    Turnover Ratio: +5

    Another young, up and coming team that is playing solid football, another ridiculously easy schedule.

    Much like the Rams and the Chiefs, the Buccaneers are playing really well under their new head coach, Raheem Morris.

    However, that .407 winning percentage explains a lot, especially given Tampa Bay's below average defense and offense. That 6-3 record is helped a lot by two games against the 1-8 Panthers.

    Tampa Bay's three losses are by a combined 56 points to the Falcons, Saints and Steelers, team's with a combined record of 19-8.

    The team's remaining schedule is not so easy now that both games against the Panthers are out of the way. If Josh Freeman keeps up the clutch play down the stretch, the Bucs have a shot at the playoffs.

No. 11: Chicago Bears (6-3)

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    Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

    Last Week: 27-13 Win vs. Minnesota

    This Week: at Miami

    Offensive Rankings: 19.4 ppg (22nd); 297.3 ypg (29th)

    Defensive Rankings: 16.2 ppg (2nd); 301.9 ypg (4th)

    Net Points: +29

    Opponents Record: 30-51 (.370)

    Turnover Ratio: +3

    Two things stand out about the Bears season. They've had the easiest schedule of any team in the NFL, weakening their 6-3 record considerably. On the other hand, it's hard to say that the Bears defense is not for real, even if they have played weak competition.

    Part of that has to be the healthy return of Brian Urlacher, who, after missing all but one game in 2009, is leading the Bears in tackles in 2010.

    While the weak competition might not discredit the defense, it does bring into question how Jay Cutler and the Bears offensive line would hold up in the face of constant top-notch competition in the playoffs.

    Cutler's one interception per game comes against some of the worst teams in the league and the 33 sacks the offensive line has allowed also comes against some terrible teams.

    The Bears defense can keep them in games, but the rest of the team is flaky.

No. 10: New Orleans Saints (6-3)

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    Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

    Last Week: Bye

    This Week: vs. Seattle

    Offensive Rankings: 22.3 ppg (15th); 369.9 ypg (7th)

    Defensive Rankings: 16.8 ppg (4th); 277 ypg (3rd)

    Net Points: +50

    Opponents Record: 33-48 (.407)

    Turnover Ratio: -4

    Another NFC team, another joke of a schedule.

    The Saints have played well on defense even though they do not create anywhere near the amount of turnovers they did in 2009. So far they only have 13 turnovers through 2010, which is about 1.4 per game. In 2009 the Saints defense had 39 turnovers, or 2.4 a game.

    Because of that and Drew Brees' 12 interceptions (already more than he threw all of last season) the Saints haven't quite been the same Super Bowl winning team that they were.

    However that doesn't mean that they can't be a team of that quality anymore.

No. 9: Green Bay Packers (6-3)

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    Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

    Last Week: Bye

    This Week: at Minnesota

    Offensive Rankings: 24.6 ppg (9th); 344.7 ypg (14th)

    Defensive Rankings: 15.9 ppg (1st); 326 yps (13th)

    Net Points: +78

    Opponents Record: 36-45 (.444)

    Turnover Ratio: +6

    The Packers ability to rebound from all of their injuries has been nothing short of impressive. As the season goes on, the Packers will get healthy and round into shape, so they will only get better.

    When you think of this Packers team two things standout: their ability to hold their opponents off the scoreboard and the fact that Aaron Rodgers is the team's quarterback.

    The Packers are easily the best team in the NFC North because they have the best offense, even with the injury to starting running back Ryan Grant in Week 1. The Bears and Vikings can compete with the Packers on defense, and the Lions can compete with the Packers offense, but no other team in the NFC North is as well-rounded as the Packers.

No. 8: New York Giants (6-3)

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    Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

    Last Week: 20-33 Loss vs. Dallas

    This Week: at Philadelphia

    Offensive Rankings: 26.2 ppg (6th); 409.8 ypg (2nd)

    Defensive Rankings: 21.4 ppg (14th); 270.2 ypg (1st)

    Net Points: +43

    Opponents Record: 33-48 (.407)

    Turnover Ratio: -5

    The New York Giants are the perfect example of just how tenuous any team's hold on the top spot in any power rankings are, as prior to this past Sunday they were atop many an analyst's rankings.

    Things were just too good to be true for the Giants, who have now have three losses by a combined 56 points and wins against teams with a combined record of 20-34.

    Going down the stretch, the Giants should either beat the Eagles for the NFC East crown or win a Wild long as they can get their turnover problem under control.

No. 7: Indianapolis Colts (6-3)

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    Andy Lyons/Getty Images

    Last Week: 23-17 Win vs. Cincinnati

    This Week: at New England

    Offensive Rankings: 26.7 ppg (4th); 379.3 ypg (4th)

    Defensive Rankings: 20.6 ppg (11th); 344.2 ypg (18th)

    Net Points: +55

    Opponents Record: 39-42 (.481)

    Turnover Ratio: +6

    The Colts seem to be rounding into form, which is bad news for the rest of the AFC. However, even in this pass-happy era of the NFL the Colts inability to run the ball and stop the opposing team's run is a red flag.

    Of course they still have Peyton Manning, but the Colts also have a very difficult schedule in their final seven games, including two games against the Tennessee Titans, who are one game behind the Colts in the AFC South.

    As crucial as Peyton Manning is to the Colts, they need to get Joseph Addai back on the field in full health if they want to fend off the Titans. They've won without Addai, but their offense is painfully one dimensional without him.

No. 6: Pittsburgh Steelers (6-3)

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    Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

    Last Week: 26-39 Loss vs. Patriots

    This Week: vs. Oakland

    Offensive Rankings: 22.2 ppg (16th); 313.6 ypg (24th)

    Defensive Rankings: 18 ppg (5th); 315.4 ypg (9th)

    Net Points: +38

    Opponents Record: 47-34 (.580)

    Turnover Ratio: +8

    The Pittsburgh Steelers have had a really tough schedule, and perhaps it is starting to show on the injury reports.

    On Sunday night the team was without Hines Ward, who went out with a head injury early in the first quarter and remained out for the rest of the game.

    Meanwhile, defensive lineman Aaron Smith is out. For all the press Troy Polamalu about how much he makes the Steelers defense go round, Smith is just as important a cog for the unit. His loss hurts and it showed on Sunday night when the Patriots put up 39 on the Steelers, who have shown a real weakness against the opposing team's pass offense.

    The Steelers are in a dogfight against the Ravens in the AFC North that they might not be healthy enough to win.

No. 5: Baltimore Ravens (6-3)

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    Last Week: 21-26 Loss at Atlanta

    This Week: at Carolina

    Offensive Rankings: 21.8 ppg (17th); 344.9 ypg (13th)

    Defensive Rankings: 18.3 ppg (7th); 316.4 ypg (10th)

    Net Points: +31

    Opponents Record: 41-40 (.506)

    Turnover Ratio: -1

    Thursday night's game in Atlanta was an absolute heart-breaker for the Ravens to suffer through.

    They played on short rest, traveled to Atlanta and still nearly pulled off an upset against the 7-2 Falcons, who were aided by a questionable non-call when Roddy White shoved a defensive back to the ground.

    While the defense has looked kind of shoddy in two of the last three weeks against Atlanta and Buffalo, and the offense has really only been mediocre, the Ravens have cut down on their turnovers and continue to win.

    They are in much better shape than the Raiders and do not have a terribly difficult schedule throughout the rest of the season.

No. 4: Atlanta Falcons (7-2)

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    Last Week: 26-21 Win vs. Baltimore

    This Week: at St. Louis

    Offensive Rankings: 24.7 ppg (8th); 369.2 ypg (8th)

    Defensive Rankings: 19.4 ppg (8th); 343.4 ypg (17th)

    Net Points: +47

    Opponents Record: 41-40 (.506)

    Turnover Ratio: +9

    Even aided by officials, that was quite a win for the Falcons on Thursday night.

    Matt Ryan showed why they call him "Matty Ice" and the Falcons staked their claim as the best team in the NFL and put a game between themselves and every other team in the NFC competing for the No. 1 seed.

    Atlanta's playoff hopes are intimately tied to their ability to get that No. 1 seed and claim homefield advantage throughout the playoffs because Ryan is 18-1 when playing in the Georgia Dome.

    The problem with the Falcons is the questionable nature of their defense. They cannot stop the opposing team's pass attack, as Joe Flacco proved in the second half of Thursday's game. If the Falcons meet up with the Giants, Packers, Saints or Eagles in the playoffs, will they be able to stop their quarterbacks?

No. 3: Philadelphia Eagles (6-3)

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    Last Week: 59-29 Win at Washington

    This Week: vs. NYG

    Offensive Rankings: 28.6 ppg (2nd); 400.2 ypg (3rd)

    Defensive Rankings: 23.2 ppg (22nd); 325 ypg (11th)

    Net Points: +48

    Opponents Record: 42-39 (.519)

    Turnover Ratio: +12

    We're witnessing something truly incredible this season when it comes to Michael Vick and the Eagles. 

    20 for 28, 333 yards, four touchdowns and no interceptions with 80 yards on eight carries and two rushing touchdowns. Those were Michael Vick's stats from Monday night.

    Can it be that, nearly a decade later, we are seeing the promise that Michael Vick showed fulfilled? The arm, the speed, a completely unique NFL player, the likes of which we've never seen before.

    How are you going to pick against the team with that guy on it?

    Sure Philadelphia's defense is shaky. And whether or not Michael Vick could withstand a full season of abuse in the AFC over the NFC is a viable question.

    But nobody can deny that Michael Vick can beat any team in the NFL almost single-handedly and that, if he stays healthy, he might be turning into the most phenomenal talent in NFL history.

    Could anybody imagine how great the story would be if Vick and the Eagles met the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Championship game?

No. 2: New England Patriots (7-2)

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    Chris McGrath/Getty Images

    Last Week: 39-26 Win at Pittsburgh

    This Week: vs. Indianapolis

    Offensive Rankings: 28.7 ppg (1st); 338.7 ypg (18th)

    Defensive Rankings: 23.8 ppg (24th); 390.8 ypg (29th)

    Net Points: +44

    Opponents Record: 37-44 (.457)

    Turnover Ratio: +6

    That win against Pittsburgh on Sunday night is impressive. However, it should be blatant to everybody by now that the Steelers defense is vulnerable against their opponent's pass attack.

    What also should be obvious by now is that the Patriots defense is vulnerable in all facets of the game. Sure they won Sunday night, but they allowed the Steelers to total 425 yards against them.

    When it comes to the Patriots, you just get the feeling that if they play a team with an actual defense, not just one that is running on its legacy and has really lost a step, and a running game, they will get beat.

No. 1 New York Jets (7-2)

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    Matt Sullivan/Getty Images

    Last Week: 26-20 Win at Cleveland

    This Week: vs. Houston

    Offensive Rankings: 23.1 ppg (13th); 362 ypg (11th)

    Defensive Rankings: 16.7 ppg (3rd); 306.5 ypg (5th)

    Net Points: +58

    Opponents Record: 36-45 (.444)

    Turnover Ratio: +6

    Yes, the Jets needed overtime in back-to-back weeks to beat opponents with a combined record of 5-13.

    But those two wins made the Jets the only team in NFL history to win back-to-back overtime games on the road. They also made the Jets 8-0 in their past eight regular season road games.

    If you haven't seen the play, and want to understand what Rex Ryan's Jets are all about, watch Mark Sanchez evade two defenders and then throw a 1st down pass to Jerricho Cotchery, who lays out for the catch after tearing his groin.

    Some might still point to Mark Sanchez as a weak link. By now he has to be putting some doubters to rest. All he has done since the start of last year's postseason is win games. Going back to the divisional round against Cincinnati the Jets are 9-3 with Mark Sanchez under center. In that time period the second year QB has a 2-1 touchdown to interception ratio and countless clutch moments.

Questions, Comments? Thanks For Reading!

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    Here's a picture of what was a blatant helmet-to-helmet hit delivered by an offensive player. I wonder if Braylon will get fined?

    Anyway, thanks again for reading. The Patriots will probably be a popular pick for No. 1 in most other power rankings. Any comments, questions? Falcons fans want their say?