Running Down a Dream: How the Cleveland Browns Can Win 8 Games

Shane Quinn Contributor IINovember 16, 2010

Running Down a Dream: How the Cleveland Browns Can Win 8 Games

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    The Browns have been playing their best football lately, as evidenced by the wins in New Orleans and the beatdown of New England at home. However, against Jets, that momentum quickly eroded away with the overtime loss at home.

    The season ain't over for the Browns, but the Jets did end their playoff hopes.

    That said, here are five ways the Browns, stuck at 3-6, can manage to win up to eight games by the end of the season.

1. Open the Passing Game for Colt Mccoy

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    Colt McCoy, a rookie, has performed well and exceeded the expectations that were bestowed upon him. This past weekend, his performance was great, especially against a fiery Jets team.

    However, the lack of receiver help for McCoy is disconcerting. Watching the receivers was extremely painful this past weekend. They can't get open and can't gain separation.

    For the Browns to win seven or even eight games this year, the receivers need to help their quarterback out.

2. Get Rid of Eric Wright

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    See this photo here, I wonder what Eric Wright is doing.

    Oh, that's right, getting burned once again. Eric Wright has been absolutely terrible this season. I don't know what happened to the Eric Wright of years past, but this is horrendous.

    Please demote Eric Wright to nickel, or trade him to the Buffalo Bills.

Turn Up the Heat: Pressure, Pressure, Pressure

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    The pass rush is a big problem for the Browns defense.

    They can't get to the quarterback and, as a result, the defense is surgically picked apart. In order for the Browns to win more games, they need more and more pressure. Look at the teams that are winning, the Patriots, the Steelers and even the Raiders. What do they bring to the quarterback? Pressure. 

    Pressure is deadly to a quarterback, and the Browns are sorely in need of it.  

Can I Have a Little Moore?

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    The Browns are in need of receivers.

    However, they have a gem in Evan Moore. Tall and lanky, Evan Moore is 6'6" and weights about 245 pounds. As of now, Moore is the next-best receiver to Watson.

    Here's the problem: Moore is not used as much as we would like him to be.

    Please give me some Moore!

Use More Play Action

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    Colt McCoy has been deadly accurate this season. He has a 64 percent completion rating and boasts a passer rating of 85.5. He has two touchdowns and two interceptions. His last interception was in his first start against the Steelers.

    In order to even further McCoy's already solid quarterbacking, the Browns need to complement McCoy with a healthy dose of Hillis (as they are already doing) and a dominant play-action offense.

    This will help the offense immensely, and it will help McCoy win games.


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    This season has been a fairly decent season with the Browns' wins over New England, New Orleans and Cincinnati. 

    The Browns have been competitive in every game, except in Colt McCoy's debut, which was in and against Pittsburgh.

    I think the dream of eight wins is very much possible to attain, but as we learned this past weekend, no win is guaranteed.