WWE Championship Scramble: Who Will Be The Top Dog?

Michael Null Contributor IAugust 28, 2008

With less than two weeks until Unforgiven, the championship matches for all three shows have been set. On Raw, you will see CM Punk, Kane, Batista, JBL, and Rey Mysterio, who was added after Cena was injured. On ECW, you will see Mike Henry, Matt Hardy, The Miz, Chavo, and Finlay. Lastly, on Smackdown you will see  HHH, Jeff Hardy, MVP, Shelton, and The Brian square off.

In my opion, here are the winners:

Raw, I see Punk losing to Batista. On ECW, I feel that Matt Hardy will get the win, and on Smackdown HHH will walk away still champ.

I see Punk going down because I don't feel WWE likes him as a champ—they are not pushing him in the right way and that has put a decline in his believability.

I think Hardy will walk away champ because I think it is his time to be the top dog of a program, and ECW is a good show for him to have his first major title run.

Lastly, HHH will walk away champ because there is zero star power in this match. Sure, MVP, Hardy, and Shelton can hold their own, but The Brian? Where did that one come from? I think the Big Show should have been in one of these matches, as well as Undertaker or Edge.

As far as this type of match, I think it is a good idea—very different and unique. The match I pick to steal the show is ECW's. With those individuals, I think anything is possible. Raw's match is just too obvious, and in my opion Smackdown's just lacks the star power this kind of match needs.

But, like they say, you never know what's going to happen next in the WWE