LSU Has Only One Question, and The Answer Is . . .

Roy LaFaverCorrespondent IAugust 28, 2008

LSU has only one real question, and I believe the answer is Andrew Hatch.  The Tigers have always been at their best with brains at the steering wheel, and this guy is from . . . what’s that you say? . . . Harvard!!  Land sakes alive! 

If this guy could get into Harvard, I have to believe he can keep up with the play clock, and no doubt he can dump the ball rather than eat it.  Coach!  Let this boy drive!

If you follow SEC football just a little you might remember our “all-world” quarterback blowing a sure field goal at Auburn just before halftime in 2006.  He tried to get something out of a play that clearly was not there, and Auburn (like Homie the Clown) don’t play that.  They nailed him and the clock ran down.  Game!

I don’t care that the QB can throw the ball 80 yards or even 60 yards.  I want to know the condition of his gray matter, and I want to know if he can make a sideline throw.  Are all the lights on?  Is somebody home?  Can he read defenses?  Can he play-fake?  Those are my questions.

Ah, Harvard, that bastion of culture and intelligence, that place where even the ivy are smart, that place where the 2008 SEC MVP once roamed the halls, soaking in smarts. 

Hatch is going to surprise even his coaches with his command of the offense, and LSU is going to kick mud holes in opponents, then stomp them dry.  I believe in Harvard!  I believe in Hatch.

But just in case I’m wrong, have those other two guys ready, Coach.