Survivor Series 2010 : Reasons NOT To Watch

ReDevilContributor IIINovember 15, 2010

Survivor Series 2010 : Reasons NOT To Watch

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    Survivor Series is one of the biggest PPV's in WWE history. It was first made to counter NWA's Starrcade and I think Survivor Series has the most history after Wrestlemania. Montreal Screwjob, Undertaker and Kurt Angle debuting, 5 on 5 elimination tag match are some of the things associated with Survivor Series.

    And now we are one week away from Survivor Series and well some writers here have written articles about why we should look forward to Survivor Series but I'm here to state why you shouldn't order Survivor Series.

1. Only 3 Matches Announced

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    It is so obvious that the WWE doesn't give a damn about the event so why should we? I mean only Survivor Series is a week away and only 3 matches have been announced. Now I'm sure some people might say they'll add some matches but where is the build-up? They'll just throw some random people in, tell them to go out and waste time for 10 minutes and call it a "match".

2. No Traditional 5 On 5 Tag Team Match

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    Remember the time when we used to have a traditional 5 on 5 elimination tag team match at Survivor Series. It was where a guy could make his mark for example Randy Orton. Now I do not know what the hell happens behind the scenes in the WWE but I have just got one question for the guys in the back, Do you idiots ever plan ANYTHING??? Bragging Rights was just about 3 weeks ago and we had the 7-7 tag team match that was terrifying and now the guys in the back, our creative geniuses, don't know what to do with Survivor Series. "Creative" and "Genius".

3. NeSUX Is Getting Old

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    When the Nexus first attacked it was pretty good because it was something different. But that was months ago and lets take a look where we are now. The exact same place with John Cena in their possession, oh noes they have got the most dominant force in the WWE with them. They had a chance at Summerslam but they blew it big time. Wade Barrett might get the WWE title and if he does we are going to have another pointless champion disgracing the WWE Championship. And when he does get the title then what? John Cena vs Wade Barrett or Randy Orton vs John Cena AGAIN.

4. John Cena Is Not Going To Turn Heel

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    John Cena is the money maker for the WWE. He sells T-shirts big time and lets face it with the PPV buy-rates that the WWE is going through now, do you really think Vince will make Cena heel and lose all that money. And even if Cena does turn heel will it be shocking? Will it drastically change the landscape of the WWE? With the great booking they are doing right now Oh Hell No.

5. Overall After Watching The Past PPV's Will It Be Worth It?

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    To answer that question I'm going to quote someone, "Take your money and go buy groceries instead."