TNA's Sting In The Tail

The K-R-A -Contributor IAugust 28, 2008

Recently TNA has perhaps been the more entertaining wrestling franchise when compared to WWE. Perhaps the key to this is TNA’s ability to incorporate all of its stars into the main event, while WWE failed to even include all its champions in the recent SummerSlam pay-per-view.

The most gripping segment in TNA at the moment involves Sting, who has been making cameo appearances for over two months, interrupting matches with a black-out, only to hand the TNA heels a baseball bat.

The question every week is, “Why is Sting doing this?”

This has impacted (no pun intended) TNA’s ratings, which have gone up from 0.9 to 1.1 in a week. These appearances by Sting have recently been paired with similar segments from Jeff Jarrett, who has been providing the faces with a guitar almost in response to Sting doing the same with the baseball bat.

TNA has successfully involved these appearances in its hottest rivalries, including the Kurt Angle/AJ Styles and Booker T/Samoa Joe and Kevin Nash rivalries. By doing this, TNA has allowed these rivalries to coincide, such as Booker T and Samoa Joe’s involvement in the recent Angle/Styles ladder match.

With hints from Kevin Nash, it seems as if Sting has an agenda, namely to assist the older generation of wrestlers (Angle and Booker T). Evidence of this has been seen in a recent Kevin Nash interview on Impact and in a confrontation between Nash and Sting.

Sting will be on Impact next week and we will perhaps then find out the truth. But one thing's for sure—TNA has done a masterful job with this idea and has created scope for some great matches, maybe even a possible Jarrett/Sting match.