New York/Minnesota Recap: Rangers 3, Marian Gaborik 5

Jason HackettAnalyst IDecember 21, 2007

wild.nhl.comAnd you thought scoring was down in the NHL!

Well maybe it is this season, but don't tell that to Marian Gaborik, or as I like to call him: "Gaboriffik."  You can steal that one if you like. 

The quiet team of the west, the Minnesota Wild, have been having a record year once again. Despite currently sitting first in the northwest division, and second in the west, the Wild have never been known as an offensive team. With the ninth worst offense in the NHL, the Wild have been averaging less then three goals a game.

The Rangers, on the other hand, are touting the third best defense stats wise, and a Vezina candidate in Henrick Lundqvist. Neither team have been able to light up the scoreboard this season.

Low and behold Marian Gaborik, the Wild's top sniper—who did something that hasn't been done since 1996: pick up a hat trick and two thirds of another. AKA a FIVE GOAL NIGHT—one breakaway goal, two other regular strength goals, and two power play goals all on ten shots.

Those ten shots accounted for just less then half of Minnesota's entire shot total (22). As for the other Wild goal, it was set up by Gaborik on a pass to Bouchard for their third powerplay score of the night.

For the Rangers, they did outshoot the Wild, but were unable to stop Gaborik. Jaromir Jagr had two assists in the game, while Nigel Dawes, Michel Rozival and Martin Straka scored once each. The Rangers felt cheated by the refs in the game, as two unsportsmanlike conducts penalties resulted in two goals for the Wild. However, they did acknowledge the five goal feat by Gaborik.

Side Note: the last player to score five goals in a game? Sergei Fedorov did it back in December of 1996 with four in regulation and the game winner in O.T. The last player to do it in regulation time would be none of then Super Mario in March of that same year.