NFL San Francisco 49ers: Smith The Savior? Sorry Alex I Am Talking About Troy

Ronnie HampstonCorrespondent INovember 15, 2010

There is a new Sheriff in Town
There is a new Sheriff in TownJed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Troy Smith is hotter than the Sahara desert after his remarkable game against the St. Louis Rams. Troy threw for 356 yards one touchdown and zero turnovers. This was one the best quarterback performances displayed by a 49er quarterback in a very long time.

Quarterback controversies are nothing new to Troy Smith.

While in his early days at Ohio State he was in a quarterback battle with Justin Zwick who was heralded as the "next" big thing, but due to a weak arm and injury Smith took his spot and never looked back. As a Baltimore Raven he was supposed to start the 2008 season, but an illness sidelined him and that led to the Joe Flacco era.

No matter what the situation was Troy worked diligently on his skills on analyzing the playbook. Now that he has his chance to start in the NFL he has done everything right to stay on the field.

Being from Columbus, Ohio I witnessed Troy's talents during his tenure as a Buckeye. Troy has always been a dual threat quarterback with amazing arm strength. "Experts" always knocked his accuracy and height to become a prototypical quarterback. Despite the negatives Smith was always praised for this heart and leadership.

The 49ers lacked heart and leadership as a team during the first seven games of the season. It didn't help that the 49ers had the cowardly lion playing quarterback better known as Alex Smith. Alex Smith has yet to live up the lofty expectations as a first overall pick. Smith has shown flashes, but he never put together a consistent enough season.

Alex Smith has all of the measurables that fit the mold of a prototypical NFL quarterback. Alex Smith has what Troy doesn't have and Troy has a few things that Alex Smith does not have. Troy may lack size, but he makes up for his mishaps with great intangibles, leadership, and heart.

Smith has the size and accuracy, but he does not have the "it" factor.

If I were running a flag football league Alex Smith would be the guy. Sorry this is the NFL and measurables does not automatically lead to victories. Alex Smith tenure has a 49er has been about as successful as a Terrell Owens reality show.  Passing on Aaron Rodgers has haunted this team for several years now.

Troy Smith is playing lights out and chances are that his play will dwindle down a bit due to the tough schedule coming up. The 49ers have a chance at winning the division with Troy at the helm. Under Troy's two game experiment Michael Crabtree and Delanie Walker have emerged into threats on the field. The San Francisco 49ers offense has all of the weapons a quarterback could dream of.

Mike Singletary may not have to upload his resume' on if the 49ers continue their hot streak.

The confidence that the 49ers are bringing on both sides of the ball is something that has been missing for years. Smith's confidence is rubbing off on the whole team and his teammates love it.

Troy's two games have had a positive impact on 49er nation and he should remain the starting quarterback for the rest of the season barring any injury. Alex Smith may better suited for holding the clipboard after he returns from injury. This is the second week in a row where Mike Singletary did not have to thank the opposing coach for a butt whipping. I think the trend may continue as long as the right Smith is at quarterback.