NFL: How Long Do You Have to Be a Fan, to Be a Fan?

Seth BowmanCorrespondent INovember 15, 2010

So I was sitting on the couch this afternoon watching the Cowboys and Giants play, and my brother leans over and says, "Didn't you used to be a Cowboys fan?" To which I replied, "No, not really, I am a Saints fan now!"

My brother looked at me with disgust, and a friend of mine who was watching the game with us did the same. Both exclaimed, "You're not a Saints fan, your a poser!" I said, "Yes, I have been a Saints fan for only two months, but does that mean I am not a fan?"

So, I pose this question and debate to the world of Bleacher Report. How long does one have to be a fan in order to, well, be a fan?

Does one have to hit the one-, two-, three- or four-year mark? Do I have to have at least one hat, one shirt and some form of a jacket or sweatshirt? Do I have to attend at least one home game (do road games count)? Is there a timetable? What about conversions from one team to another?

Let me hear from you sports fans, I want to know what determines if a person can be called a fan or not.

To finish with my story, I told my friend and brother that two months ago my fiancee convinced me to become a Saints fan, and out of love, I did. I have a hat, shirt and sweatshirt. I am planning on going to a game soon, and I watch them every Sunday. I consider myself a fan, but those around me don't.

Let's get the debate going!