WWE Survivor Series Preview: The 10 Worst Teams Ever

Dan PowerSenior Analyst INovember 15, 2010

WWE Survivor Series Preview: The 10 Worst Teams Ever

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    The wrestlers on that list would certainly prefer to stay in the shadow

    In my last slideshow, I presented the 10 Survivor Series teams I considered the best ever*.

    Now, it's time to discover the 10 worst teams ever. Those teams are composed with some of the worst wrestlers ever.

    Don't expect to see a lot of big names on that list and even the few big names could do nothing to help their awful team.

    So, with no more introduction, let's take a ride in the land of mediocrity.


    * http://bleacherreport.com/articles/513652-wwe-survivor-series-preview-the-10-greatest-teams-ever

10. The Bodydonnas (Skip and Zip), Rad Radford, and The 1-2-3 Kid (1995)

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    No one will blame you if you don't know Rad Radford. The only thing to remember about him is he was a Bodydonnas wannabe.

    Skip and Zip (aka Tom Prichard) are mostly remembered for the presence of Sunny at their side. Even their Tag-Team Title reign is not exactly memorable.

    The 1-2-3 Kid was a nobody then and he was far away from the big star he would become as X-Pac with DX few years later.

    The four men managed to win their match, but it was against a worst team, that is next on the list.

9. Marty Jannetty, Hakushi, Barry Horowitz and Bob Holly (1995)

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    When Marty Jannetty is the bigger name on your team, you have a problem, unless you consider Bob Holly as a big name.

    If you add Barry Horowitz to the mix, you have one of the greatest jobbers in WWE history which is not to improve things.

    There was Hakushi who once gave some hard time to Bret Hart, but he never achieved what his huge potential could allow him.

    The team was not called "The Underdogs" for nothing.

8. Nikolai Volkoff, The Bushwhackers and Tito Santana

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    Tito Santana, a WWE Hall-of-Famer and former Intercontinental Champion was nothing more than a mid-carder used as enhanced talent after the mid-80s.

    The Bushwackers formed one of the worst tag-teams ever and Nikolai Volkoff once had his share of (very limited) success, but he was mainly a jobber.

    "The Alliance" won the match, but against a poor team you will find in sixth position.

7. Kenny, Johnny, Nicky and Mikey aka Spirit Squad (2006)

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    Yes, the Spirit Squad once were Tag Team Champions, but they were far from being great. The only member who still wrestles for the WWE today is Nicky and he is now known as Dolph Ziggler.

    They were usually five and they became famous by being victims of DX's pranks and they lost many handicap matches against Triple H and HBK.

    Even a bunch of old legends (Ric Flair, Sgt. Slaughter, Arn Anderson and Dusty Rhodes) had no issue in beating the male cheerleading team at the 2006 edition of Survivor Series.

6. The Orient Express (Sato and Tanaka), Sgt. Slaughter and Boris Zhukov (1990)

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    At the age of 42, Sgt. Slaughter had his best years behind him and he was the biggest name on his team. His teammates were barely mid-card wrestlers.

    To give you an idea of Zhukov's caliber as wrestler, his only accomplishment in WWE was to receive the Slammy Award for best personal hygiene in 1987 (with Volkoff).

    Zhukov also received two prestigious awards from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter; one for the Worst Feud Of The Year (in 1985, against Slaughter) and one for the Worst Tag Team Of The Year (in 1988, with Volkoff).

    The Orient Express was just a tag-team brought in WWF as enhancement talents and their biggest win was via count-out at Wrestlemania VI.

    The team dubbed as "The Mercenaries" lost to the team in the eighth position on the list which shows the deep lack of talent.

5. The Jackyl, The Interrogator, Sniper and Recon (1997)

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    The "Truth Commission" was a stable that had very limited success. In fact, their biggest achievement was their win at the 1997 Survivor Series against the number two on the list.

    The Jackyl started as the leader of the team and he eventually only played the role of manager for the group and then for The Oddities.

    The Interrogator was also known as Kurrgan, an awful 6'11" monster who would later become a member of The Oddities.

    Sniper was a nobody and never did anything worth of mention in his career; it's no wonder why his run with the WWF only lasted few months.

    Recon was the most talented wrestler of the group; he became Bull Buchanan after his run with the group.

4. Mean Street Posse (Rodney, Pete Gas and Joey Abs) and The British Bulldog

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    Even the British Bulldog could not compensate for the poor quality of his teammates.

    Shane McMahon's lackeys were nothing more than jobbers and only Joey Abs was an actual pro-wrestler before joining the WWF.

    Without the British Bulldog aboard, the team would be higher on the list of mediocrity, not far from number one.

    It's no surprise to learn they have lost their match against Val Venis, Mark Henry, Gangrel and Steve Blackman.

3. The Headshrinkers (Samu and Fatu), Bastion Booger and Bam Bam Bigelow (1993)

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    Only two or three top-card wrestlers could compensate the presence of Bastion Booger and the team just didn't have it.

    To battle along the legendary Booger, there were only the awfully misused Bigelow and The Headshrinkers.

    Bigelow was a great wrestler who could do surprising high flying maneuvers for a man his size but he was one of the most misused wrestlers in WWE history.

    The Headshrinkers are a one-time Tag Team Champions, but their success was short-lived and they spent most of their run with WWF as enhancement talents.

    The odd team lost against The Bushwackers and Men On A Mission in what was the 1993 Worst Worked Match of The Year according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

2. Chainz, 8-Ball and Skull aka The Disciples Of Apocalypse Crush (1997)

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    Crush was the only wrestler with some talent and I am generous when I say that. He once was the third member of Demolition, but his arrival with the team marked the beginning of the end for them. He then became Crush with a surfer gimmick billed from Hawaii, mostly used to put over other talents.

    Chainz biggest accomplishment was to be in the main event at Summerslam 1994 as the "fake" Undertaker against the real Phenom.

    Skull and 8-Ball are real life brothers who were also known as The Blu Brothers, but don't worry if you don't know or remember them; it's normal.

    The uncharismatic stable also received the award for the 1997 Worst Feud Of The Year from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Only such a team could lose against The Truth Commission in boring match as you can guess.  

1. Colonel Mustafa, The Berzerker, Skinner and Hercules (1991)

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    You are probably wondering who Colonel Mustafa is; he is none other than The Iron Sheik, who was 48 in 1991. With such a leader, it's an awful starting point for a team.

    The Berzerker was a low-card freak with no talent and no charisma. Probably only his wife and his children were his fans.

    Skinner was another talentless wrestler who lost his biggest match, at Wrestlemania VIII, in 01:11 against Owen Hart.

    With his strongman gimmick, Hercules once had minor success in the eighties, but in the nineties, he was just a jobber. With his lack of charisma and popularity, he quickly dropped from the mid to the low of the card.

    The team lost their match in a bore-fest against Sgt. Slaughter, Jim Duggan, Tito Santana and The Texas Tornado.

Special Mention To The Worst Matchup

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    Jerry Lawler, Sleazy, Queasy and Cheesy vs. Doink the Clown, Dink, Pink and Wink (1994)

    Since we can't compare midget to "regular size" wrestlers, I didn't include those teams in the slideshow.

    But the worst traditional Survivor Series elimination match deserves a special mention.

    Jerry Lawler was more a joke than a wrestler in 1994 and Doink was just a boring clown.

    Put them with a bunch of midgets with ridiculous names and you have one of the most awful match ever in pro-wrestling history.

    That matchup was to the limit of bad taste and I wonder if anyone has enjoyed even just a little bit the contest.

    Oh, and if anyone cares, "The Royal Family" defeated The Clowns R' Us".


    The comment section is wide open for your favorite worst picks.

    Do you think about any other awful teams?

    Would you change the order?

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