Bigfoot-ish Kind of Sighting

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Bigfoot-ish Kind of Sighting
Nothing much to report on the farm except we are entering another period of drought. Not as bad as last years, but fields have looked better.

Perfect Peace Whats Blessing enters her second "A"-rated show this weekend in Culpepper. She will be entering Virginia Pony Breeders Association classes as well as open ones. No news on Perfect Pet's next race.

In the mean time, I took this bird picture the other day.

Yes, the picture is blurry. But it wouldn't be a great creature sighting without a blurry picture now would it? I believe its a Cedar Waxwing or a Bohemian Waxwing, we haven't seen it since or before. It hung around for a few days, sung some strange bird song, and left.

Also, I spotted a Chinese Pot Bellied Pig in our fields yesterday morning. Sorry, no pictures on this one. Bigfoot is propably next. I will have to carry the camera everytime I go out the barn.

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