Hockey Films' Greatest Scenes

Dan LondonCorrespondent IAugust 26, 2008

There are a number of awesome hockey movies that have been released…and some of them have actually been good. Slapshot is a classic. Miracle was decent (even if it left out the gold medal game). Some have been okay, such as Youngblood. And some were just were freaking terrible (The Mighty Ducks).

You have to love YouTube. Almost any scene from any movie is on there. even has full movies available as well. While sitting in front of your laptop or PC is not ideal, it is a great way to kill time in an airport, or at work.

Here are a number of clips from some of my favorite movies:

Swingers might not have been a hockey movie, but the NHL ‘94 “make Wayne bleed” scene is a classic.

•Here is a great scene from the movie Miracle.

•Here is a “decent” clip from Youngblood. (I think we all tried this move in a game.)

•Here is a scene from The Might Ducks. (This play is totally offsides.)

•Here is an awesome clip of just the ice scenes from Slapshot.


If you find any more let me know in the comments.