Criminole Winds Blow in Tallahassee

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Criminole Winds Blow in Tallahassee
IconThe news today out of Tallahassee is that up to 25, and more likely 23 Seminole Football players will not be making the trip to Nashville for the Music City Bowl against the University of Kentucky.

Why, you may ask?

It is because earlier this year, and by earlier, I mean in SEPTEMBER, an internal investigation found that at least 23 players in various sports at Florida State had been cheating on tests.

You read that right. SEPTEMBER. Why is this being done now? Why wasn't this done earlier? Obviously, the University was aware of the roles that many of these athletes played during the season and yet chose not to do anything about it.

The only logical reason I can find for this is that Florida State would not have been able to compete in the ACC at all if a third of the team was suspended for even one game, and more likely, four games. Imagine that: Florida State chose football over academics.

But that is not even my biggest problem with this. My biggest problem with this is that Florida State accepted a bowl bid knowing that a third of its team had cheated.

A couple of years ago, Clemson and South Carolina got into a huge brawl at the end of their last regular season game. In response, neither team accepted a bowl bid.

Florida State should not have accepted a bowl bid. If a third of your team cheats then it is likely that the other members knew. If they did not know then they are still a team. You have to punish the team as a team.

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