WWE Survivor Series Preview: 10 Reasons Edge Will Beat Kane

Renee GerberCorrespondent INovember 15, 2010

WWE Survivor Series Preview: 10 Reasons Edge Will Beat Kane

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    The Rated R Superstar, Edge, photo copyright to WWE.com

    Hi there, Bleachers!

    WWE's Survivor Series pay-per-view is just one week away, and in the spirit of the upcoming event, I bring you a new slideshow about none other than my favorite wrestler, Edge! Specifically, I present to you 10 reasons the Rated R Superstar will beat Kane next Sunday night.

    Kick back, relax, and enjoy!

Kane Has Prevailed at the Last Three Pay-Per-Views

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    Kane chokeslams the Undertaker, photo copyright to WWE.com

    While the Big Red Monster has seen victory in the last three pay-per-views (all against his brother the Undertaker, of course), this factor can be a biggie working against him. Kane's expectations may be too high, with the assumption that he will prevail yet again.

    However, to borrow a cliche saying, you should never count your chickens before they're hatched. I think this is a sure sign that the World Heavyweight champion will fall to defeat. He's had one hell of a roll over the past three months, but, come next Sunday, the party's over.

Edge Has the Fans Behind Him

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    Edge victorious, photo copyright to WWE.com

    Recently, even as a heel, Edge has had the fans completely behind him. He is the type of wrestler who thrives in the reaction of the live crowd, of his fans, and just think back to when he won his first WWE Championship for proof of that.

    The Rated R Superstar will draw strength from the support of the fans, and he will not let them down.

Edge is a Nine-Time Champion!

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    Edge with the World Heavyweight Championship, photo copyright to WWE.com

    Edge is a nine-time champion! In other words, he is the best of the best and has gone toe-to-toe with the best. He has earned his stripes in the WWE and in the pro-wrestling business in general, and his accomplishments most certainly speak for themselves.

    You don't get to be a nine-time champion by sheer will alone. Edge has the goods to get the job done.

Keep in Mind, He's the Ultimate Opportunist

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    "The Ultimate Opportunist," Edge, photo copyright to WWE.com

    Edge may have several nicknames, but one of the most relevant is "The Ultimate Opportunist." Let's face it—he's not called that for nothing!

    Edge has proven time and time again that he will take chances, and this shows most when he's got a championship in his crosshairs. He will do just about anything to get what he wants, from marrying the General Manager of SmackDown to duping the fans into believing he cares what they think of him.

Kane May Be Haunted By the Specter of the Deadman

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    Undertaker chokeslams Kane, photo copyright to WWE.com

    The World Heavyweight champion very well might be haunted by the specter of the Deadman.

    Although Kane may not like to show it, he's revealed a side of himself to actually having a conscience—yet another factor that might work against him.

    Keep in mind, the Undertaker is his brother. However, even if his conscience doesn't eat away at him, Kane might be haunted regardless—literally. The Phenom is known for working his eerie magic to psych out his nemeses. Should this happen, Kane's mind will definitely be elsewhere, and not 100 percent on his championship defense against Edge.

Kane Has a Lot More to Lose Than Edge

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    Edge and Kane, photo copyright to WWE.com

    Although both men have something to lose in the upcoming championship match next Sunday, Kane has a lot more to lose than does Edge.

    As World champion, Kane is going to want to hold onto the title a bit longer—especially considering the fact that he's only in his second ever reign!

    Edge, on the other hand, although he's anxious to taste gold again, has much less to lose. Should he be defeated at Survivor Series, he only loses the match. He could just as easily earn the number one contendership again and go for another shot. Besides, as a former nine-time champion, the Rated R Superstar honestly has nothing to prove.

Edge Has Defeated Kane Before

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    Edge defeating Kane in a stretcher match, photo copyright to WWE.com

    I'll give this one to you straight—Edge has defeated Kane before.

    Back in the spring of 2005, Edge and his main squeeze, Lita, feuded with the Big Red Monster. One of their later confrontations saw the two superstars engaged in a stretcher match on RAW. Needless to say, Edge was the victor of that one.

    He's beaten Kane before, so what's to say history wouldn't repeat itself next Sunday?

Edge May Be Hungrier than Kane

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    Edge, photo copyright to WWE.com

    I am going to contradict myself a bit from one of my previous slides now, but Edge may just be a tad bit hungrier than Kane.

    Despite the fact that Kane is only on his second title reign, Edge has not held gold in nearly a year and a half now, and he's got to be so anxious for it that he can practically taste it. Once someone has held the championship, it's only natural they will be itching for another reign.

    Edge will go after Kane at Survivor Series with nothing but the taste of gold weighing heavily on his clever and sometimes devious mind.

The Paul Bearer Factor

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    Edge holding Paul Bearer "hostage," photo copyright to WWE.com

    I had this one in mind several days ago, but after this past Friday's SmackDown, the Paul Bearer factor becomes even more relevant to what will play out at Survivor Series.

    Kane has never had the love of his estranged father until very recently, as Paul has, up until now, always sided with the Undertaker. But now that's he gotten it, he doesn't want to lose it, as was evidenced on SmackDown. The champion's reaction to Edge wheeling the man gagged and bound in a wheelchair, as the challenger teased and taunted him the entire time, speaks volumes.

    Perhaps his father will be weighing a lot more heavily on his mind next Sunday, and the title won't even matter as much to him, which will give Edge a definite advantage.

Edge is Overdue for a Championship Reign

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    Edge, photo copyright to WWE.com

    As I mentioned a couple of slides ago, Edge has not been champion for around a year and a half now. He is definitely long overdue for his 10th championship reign, and especially since he is now a babyface again.

    I think most of the fans, myself included, expected him to get a reign shortly after he returned from his Achilles heel injury early this year. Of course, the WWE dropped the ball on that in having him go heel again after just three months. Since he has only been champion as a heel, it will be refreshing to see him reign supreme as a face.

    So, that concludes my slideshow. I hope you all enjoyed it, and as far as next Sunday and Survivor Series go, let's go, Rated R Superstar!