When Sports Go Too Far: Georgia Bulldogs Fan Sets Fire in Downtown Auburn

Deric WinslettCorrespondent INovember 14, 2010

Toilet paper burns in oak trees, Auburn university, Auburn, Ala
Toilet paper burns in oak trees, Auburn university, Auburn, Ala

Some traditions can be dangerous when idiots are out in public. 

After the second-ranked Auburn Tigers (11-0) dismantled the visiting Georgia Bulldogs (5-6) in the South's old rivalry Saturday evening, thousands of Auburn fans rushed to Toomers Corner to celebrate Auburn's victory that clinched a berth in the SEC Championship Game held in Atlanta.

Rolling the 100-plus-year-old oak trees that adorn the intersection in downtown Auburn is a tradition that began many years ago during the early days of Auburn football games, or any big event concerning the university.

In the early tradition, a telegraph operator on duty in Toomers drug store would throw rolls of telegraph paper in the old oak trees, signaling an Auburn victory. That tradition has carried on ever since, using toilet paper.

Apparently, a disgruntled Georgia fan lit the paper on fire sometime after the celebration had concluded. Observers stated he was mauled by other witnesses, and then arrested by the fine officers of the Auburn Police Department. 

Not only was this a stupid act by the fan, it was also very dangerous. It is unknown at this time what the charges will be. No serious damage was reported to the trees.

Auburn defeated Georgia, 49-31, and has maintained its No. 2 ranking in both the AP and Coaches' Poll respectively. The BCS rankings will be announced later tonight.