Manny Pacquiao Vs. Antonio Margarito Is Over: Time for Williams Vs. Martinez II

Brandon ChillingworthCorrespondent IINovember 14, 2010

Paul Williams and Sergio Martinez trading punches in their first fight
Paul Williams and Sergio Martinez trading punches in their first fight

Now that Manny Pacquiao vs. Antonio Margarito is over, the boxing world can look towards possibly the best fight we will see in all of 2010.

Atlantic City will be the host of what is sure to be another classic fight in the Martinez vs. Williams saga. Their first fight was one of the best we have seen all year, and the next one promises not to disappoint.

Paul Williams is one of the most exciting fighters in boxing today, bringing in a one-of-a-kind style. Paul is a 6'2" volume puncher with a relentless pace that is usually only found in the lower weight classes. Paul rips off combinations and counter-punches for entire rounds, with what is so far a seemingly endless gas tank.

Sergio Martinez is one of the most marketable fighters in boxing today, and also one of the most avoided. Sergio is a very skilled and entertaining counter-puncher, and is the current middleweight lineal champion. Any time he steps into the ring, he makes it a tough night for his opponent.

Their first fight was a very entertaining, highly disputed majority decision victory for Paul Williams. The fight was entertaining from the opening bell, with the fighters trading knockdowns in the first round.

Since their last fight, Sergio Martinez beat Kelly Pavlik in a contest where he looked very impressive. Paul Williams won a bizarre victory over Kermit Cintron in which Cintron fell out of the ring and was unable to continue.

The fight was taken on short notice last time, but this time both fighters will be more prepared.

If Martinez is going to win the second matchup, he will have to make Paul Williams miss. He will have to stay on the outside, and pick his shots wisely. He will need to use the entire ring, and stay out of Williams' range. If he can make Williams miss on the jab, he will be in a good position to capitalize with his signature counter-punching ability.

If Williams wants to win again, he will have to do his best to wear Martinez out—if that's possible. He will have to throw a high volume of punches, as he is accustomed to, which always looks good in the judges' eyes. If he can make his jab land consistently then he will undoubtedly land the victory. He needs to throw combinations often, and do his best to crack the elusive defense of Martinez.

One thing is certain in this fight: Nobody will be disappointed watching it. Stylistically, we are headed for another grueling slugfest. There will be nonstop action in this fight, as two of the most entertaining fighters in the world square off again.

I personally think that Williams will be able to beat Martinez again. I just don't think that Sergio will be able to knock out Williams. When the fight goes to a decision, Williams always has a huge advantage. He throws so many more punches than his opponents that the judges' cards always seem to end up tainted. Judges seemingly look at punches thrown and work rate more than effective punching these days.

Looking ahead of this fight, the winner could potentially land himself a contest with pound-for-pound king Manny Pacquiao. Martinez has the better chance though, simply because of Williams' height. I personally would love to see that fight should a contest with Floyd Mayweather Jr. fall through; which it likely will again.

Williams would also make for a good challenge for Pacquiao, but it is unlikely that Pacquiao will take a fight with a guy who has that much of a height advantage. If Pacquiao was willing to step up to that challenge, it would surely make for another great contest.

One thing is for certain: November 20 will be a great night for the sport of boxing. Be sure not to miss what will surely be one of boxing's best fights in recent years.