Amazing: WWE's Eight Best PPV Themes

RiZESenior Writer INovember 15, 2010

Amazing: WWE's Eight Best PPV Themes

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    For the past few months, I've noticed the frequent, Best WWE Theme's articles. Some had some pretty great songs listed. Heck I even considered putting one together but my dare to be different attitude wouldn't let me. So I thought to myself, why not the ppv theme's? 

    Some pretty awesome songs convinced me to lay down the work for this slideshow. Including some incredible match promo's.

    After listening to every song on this list. They are my picks. Basically I judged on two things. First, how does the song relate to the ppv or matches itself. One of the particular songs relates very well to the match it's primarily used for.

    2nd, the song overall. How well it sounds. The lyrics used for the song. I must add, these are some pretty awesome songs. Myself being more of a hip hop or R&B guy, I actually gave these Rock songs a chance because of my love for the sport.

    They surprised the hell out of me. This stuff is awesome!

    Thanks for reading and be sure to listen to all of the song's listed.

Civil Twilight: Letters From The Sky. WWE Bragging Rights 2009

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    Starting off with my personal favorite. Letters from the Sky by Civil Twilight. 

    The song was used to highlight the John Cena/Randy Orton feud. Billed the last match of this incredible feud, Orton and Cena had traded the title back and forth at the last two ppv's.

    If Cena lost this match, he would leave RAW for Smackdown!. If Orton loss, he wouldn't receive another WWE Title match while Cena was champion. For all of those who say John Cena can't wrestle or Cena can't have a decent match. Watch this clip and I bet you'll be surprised.

    Civil Twilight did an awesome job with this song. A perfect fit to end the Cena/Orton rivalry.  

Limp Bizkit: My Way. Wrestlemania 17

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    My words don't even matter. One of the best promo's I've ever seen. For Wrestlemania 17, The Rock vs Stone Cold Steve Austin. The two Greatest Wrestler's in WWE history IMO. The second match of their three part Wrestlemania series.

    The best match in WM history IMO. Also the best in their series. My Way just fit their feud. It was all about the WWF Championship. The Rock had it and Austin wanted it. Simple as that.

    PLEASE, watch the video and you'll see what I mean.

Fozzy: Enemy. No Way Out 2005

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    No Way Out 2005. The first step in John Cena's road to the top. John Cena and Kurt Angle were in a tournament to determine who would face the WWE Champ at Wrestlemania. Now Batista won the Royal Rumble that year. 

    But hadn't decided on what title he would pursue. So Teddy Long didn't want to leave anything to chance and made the tournament. Kurt Angle had already main evented Mania the last two years for the WWE Title.

    But Cena was hungry. He was on his way up on Kurt was a huge bump in the road. The two had been enemies for a while as Angle treated Cena like garbage when he was the GM of Smackdown! The two also fought the No Way Out before this.

    Enemy to fit the Enemies. Doesn't get any better than that.

Limp Bizkit: Build a Bridge. Survivor Series 2003

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    An awesome song to go with an awesome promo. Goldberg vs Triple H. Goldberg dethroned Triple H at Unforgiven, and unsurprisingly he wasn't going to just go away. He went to EXTREME measures to have Goldberg's reign was World Champion cut short.

    The song, IMO, is about overcoming obstacles and mishaps to get what you desire. If you watch the promo you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. 

    This song is simply outstanding. The match between the two was pretty decent as well.

The End Is Here: Armageddon 2004

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    For some odd reason, I can't find the Artist who sing's this song. Anyway, I know the song is the main theme to almost every Armageddon. But it's something about Armageddon 2004 that stood out the most. It was seemingly the end. For John Bradshaw Layfield. The end of his reign as WWE Champion.

    Over the space of four months, Bradshaw defeated Eddie Guerrero, The Undertaker, and Booker T in main event ppv matches. Problem is, he cheated to win every match.

    Now it was the time for retribution. Teddy Long placed him in a Fatal 4way with all four men. It appeared that JBL's reign was champ was going to end.

    Even though it didn't. It fit the theme that WWE meant.

The Exies: Ugly. Survivor Series 2004

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    What a match. Team Orton vs Team HHH. Going in to Survivor Series, this match was all about power. The control of Monday Night RAW was at stake. These eight guys wanted it. After years of running RAW, Evolution was finally challenged by Y2J, Orton, Benoit, and Maven.

    With Bischoff out for a month, he left complete control to the winner's of this match. Gene Snitsky and Edge sided with Triple H, only to reveal their intent on taking the World Title from him. Besides the match, the song's lyrics speak it all.

    Are you worthy? Are you ugly?

Alter Bridge: Rise Today. Unforgiven 2007

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    This song is one of the most defining in promo history. Rise today was used for Unforgiven 2007. Prominently featured in the Triple Threat involving Khali vs Batista vs Rey Mysterio for the World Title. Batista had to rise back up the WWE ranks to regain the World Title.

    Mysterio had to rise up against Khali and Batista to live his dream of being World Champion again. But they were only second best to John Cena vs Randy Orton.

    Orton had taken out multiple WWE Superstars like HBK and RVD. He was unable to defeat Cena so he went to extreme measures. Punting Cena's father in the head. Fueling Cena's anger and setting up this rematch. 

    Orton took Cena on an emotional/crazed frenzy which Orton ended up on the short end of the stick. Ouch.

Saliva: Ladies and Gentleman. Wrestlemania 23

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    Wrestlemania 23. One of the Greatest. The Event was packed, unpredictable matches, and shocking endings. It was great. HBK vs John Cena. Batista vs The Undertaker. Battle of the Billionaires. The Grandest stage of them all. The last Wrestlemania I was actually excited about.

    Everything was perfect. Including the theme. Saliva's song was perfect for the event. While you could never explain why, it just went with the whole theme of the night. To entertain.