NFL Stadium Corporatization: The Pros and Cons

Wayne TestoriCorrespondent IINovember 15, 2010

NFL Stadium Corporatization: The Pros and Cons

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    Professional sports is big business.  With big business comes big expenses.  With big expenses comes the need to generate big revenues.  One way to do make the big bucks is for sporting facilities to sell their “naming rights” to a corporation.

    For purists, this corporate “name game” is a travesty.  For realists, it’s a necessity.

    Either way, the issue of naming rights opens up a huge door to a number of pros and cons.

    Here are just a few.

Mall of America at Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome: Home of the Minnesota Vikings

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    In Minnesota, the Vikings home field is named “Mall of America at Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome.”

    The Pros

    Viking players with a growing family get 30 percent discount on all kid carriers at the mall’s two Baby Gap locations.

    The Cons

    At any time during a game, the field can be invaded by the local mall-walker club from Duluth.

FedEx Field: Home of the Washington Redskins

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    In Washington, the Redskins play at “FedEx Field.”

    The Pros

    For Redskins players who are feeling alone, like a castaway, and in need of a friend during the game, the face of Wilson is added to every game ball.

    The Cons

    Washington Redskins cheerleading squad replaced with FedEx employee of the month Gwen Porps.

Lucas Oil Stadium: Home of the Indianapolis Colts

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    The Indianapolis Colts home field is called “Lucas Oil Stadium.”

    The Pros

    After home victory, Colts players get the opportunity to spend time with everyone’s favorite Texas tea tycoons, the Clampetts.

    The Cons

    After home loss, Colts players must spend time with George and Laura.

Gillette Stadium: Home of the New England Patriots

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    In New England, the Patriots call “Gillette Stadium” their home.

    The Pros

    Before every game, shaving stubble collected from the locker-room floor is applied to all the wide receivers' gloves, making them extra grippy.

    The Cons

    New England mascot Pat Patriot replaced by Vic “The All-American Hair Ball.”

Heinz Field: Home of the Pittsburgh Steelers

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    The Pittsburgh Steelers' home field is called “Heinz Field.”

    The Pros

    After a tough home loss, players can apply condiment to themselves for added sympathy.

    The Cons

    The instant thrill of dumping a tub of Gatorade on a coach is replaced with the agonizing disappointment of waiting for a drop of ketchup to land on his head.