Done with Seattle

AlexAnalyst IAugust 27, 2008

There has been something about Seattle this year, something that the Twins just couldn’t figure out. They played great against them at home, but in both series on the road missed chances at multiple victories. Seattle is not a good team this year, but the Twins went just 5-4 against them this season. Looking back quickly at both away series, the Twins very well could have walked away with nine victories and a season sweep.

In the first trip to Seattle, the Twins lost the first two games and then won the series finale to avoid a sweep. In the first game the Twins lead 6-1 going into the seventh inning when everything broke loose. The bullpen was manhandled and the pitching staff allowed a crazy ten-run inning to blow the game. In the second game of the series, the Twins lost by just a run after Matt Guerrier allowed multiple runners to reach and Nathan blew his third of four blown saves on the season.

During this most recent trip the pitching was pretty good, but the offense just didn’t show for the first two games. In the first game, the Twins lead by a run going into the ninth. Nathan however blew his fourth save of the season (second against Seattle) and Crain allowed a two-run walkoff homerun in extras. In the second game, the Twins lost by just a run yet again. This time around the loss was basically a lack of offense.

Take all of these things into consideration; the two blown saves and the ten-run inning, and you have at least an 8-1 record against one of baseball’s worst teams in 2008. It’s been tough against Seattle with so many heartbreaking losses, but give the Mariners some credit for battling when they’re out.