More on Stefan Legein

Bethany PCorrespondent IAugust 26, 2008

There is still a lot of speculation out there in the blogosphere and in comment threads.  In my little place on the web I have decided that I don’t want the speculative comments, so they have not been getting approved.

I really don’t think people understand that he has the right to quit.  He has the right to say goodbye to the game of hockey.  He doesn’t owe us, his fans, anything.

I have heard people speculate that this is just a prank. However, his agent has confirmed that he is in fact quitting, and there is no way that an agent would be part of a prank like that.

The other thing that people are saying is that he wants a trade.  If that was the case he would have asked for a trade. (Eric Lindros and Blake Wheeler anyone?)

In reality, Stefan has to choose what he wants to do, and if what he wants right now is to take a break…then so be it.  The speculation needs to stop, and he needs to be left alone to figure out his life on his own.  If you haven’t been following the story, you can click here and get caught up.