Home Sick: Bruins Woes At the Garden Continue

Joe GillCorrespondent IINovember 14, 2010

With the lose to Ottawa, Bruins Home Woes Continue.
With the lose to Ottawa, Bruins Home Woes Continue.Elsa/Getty Images

After the Bruins 2-0 loss to Ottawa, Boston is indeed, “Home Sick.”

Not that they miss their home because their play does not illustrate that at all. Rather, that their abysmal play in front of the Bruins faithful has been quite sickening.

So far in this young season, the Spoked B is 2-4-1 on Causeway and 6-1 on the road.

Home Sweet Home? Far from it.

This trend continues to baffles me.

As we all recall, they were HORRID last year in home games going 18-17-6. However, they were spirited road warriors posting a very respectful 21-13-7 record.

And we all know what happened in the playoffs last year. I think I just threw up in my mouth writing that. It still makes me grab my favorite bottle of Maalox anytime I conjure up the memories of their epic collapse.

In the first round against Buffalo, the Bruins showed signs of home ice advantage winning all three games at TD Garden. Then they won the opening two games against Philadelphia en route to a 3-0 series lead.

Then it happened (pipe in horror movie music please).

The Bruins lost a hard fought OT match in Game Four.

Then the straw that broke the Bear’s back.

The Bruins played their most uninspired game in the series laying 4-0 egg on home ice. A game that they could have and should have shut the coffin on the feisty Flyers.

Wish we could have been so lucky.

The downward spiral continued with a 2-1 loss on the road with the deciding Game Seven at home(see a pattern).

The Bruins came out like gangbusters, racing to a 3-0 lead only to see the lead disappear.

And you know the rest.

The Bruins need to make teams fear them when they play them on their home turf. The original Garden used to be a house of horrors for the opposition.

I guess the skate is on the other foot now.

If the Bruins can’t play inspired and dominant hockey at home, Lord Stanley will pass by the black and gold yet again.