Fresno State-Nevada: Bulldogs Still Can't Find a Way To Beat a Good Team

Todd KaufmannSenior Writer INovember 14, 2010

PASADENA, CA - SEPTEMBER 27:  Head coach Pat Hill of the Frenso State Bulldogs looks at the field during the game against the UCLA Bruins on September 27, 2008 at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California.  (Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)
Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

It happened again late Saturday night. Fresno State had a six point lead with less than three minutes to go and, as they've been known to do before, couldn't hang on.

Nevada put together a fourth quarter drive that took more than six minutes and capped it off with a touchdown run from running back Vai Taua, escaping with a 35-34 win over Fresno State.

This has been the M.O. for Pat Hill's teams over his tenure. They have won just one conference title (1999) and even that one was shared between them, Hawaii and former WAC member TCU.

So are there changes in store? Not according to one source who, when I asked him what it would take for Fresno State to make a coaching change told me, "Uh, death."

The university and the football program need a change and they need one soon. There have been too many years and too many games lost due to bad play calling or the team just not being ready.

Too many years Fresno State fans have watched this team knock off the bad teams but unable to find a way to beat the good ones.

Regardless if it's Boise State, Hawaii or Nevada, the Bulldogs have gone from being in the top two with Boise to arguably being the fourth best team in the conference. It's not what Bulldog fans wanted and it's not what they want to go to Bulldog Stadium and watch.

But, it's starting to become the norm and fans are starting to get far too used to seeing games end like this one did tonight. A loss.

It's more of the same from a Fresno State team, and a head coach, that hasn't been able to put this team over the top.

Pat Hill prides himself on being able to put his team up against "anyone, anytime, anywhere." But that hasn't turned in to anything but tough losses and missed opportunities.

Sure they've beaten the likes of Wisconsin but the last few times have been missed by just that much. Three missed field goals in Fresno a few years ago and another tough loss in Madison last year.

Again, just more of the same.

The University needs to make a decision going forward. Whether it has something to do with money or they just have too much loyalty to Hill, it seems that we may not see a new regime for quite some time.

The Bulldog fans have waited a long time to see a team be as dominant as Boise State or make a BCS game like Hawaii has done.

It seems like everyone above them is pulling off those accomplishments except them. When are things going to change?

That's a question that's going to be asked around the Fresno airwaves tonight during the postgame shows and throughout the next week as they get ready for Boise State.

Things need to change in Fresno. Until they do, fans won't see anything different than what they've seen over the last several years.

Like I said, just more of the same.