Brown & Davis, Worst Coaches in Texas History? Bevo Says: "Hell Yes, Fire 'Em!"

Paul WomancatcherCorrespondent INovember 14, 2010


Okay, Enough is Enough!

Football fans across the nation have watched on in amazement as Mack Brown and Offensive Coordinator Greg Davis managed the Texas Longhorns into a truly horrific season. Texas is at risk of winding up dead last in the Big-12 South.  The last time Texas was last in their conference was 1956—the year before Darrell Royal took the reins.  Fans are now screaming, By G-d, enough is enough! This has to stop!

How Horrific Have the Longhorns Been?

Texas versus UCLA at Austin—Horns Lose 34-12.  

Unbelievable huh?  Yeah, well it happened. Uhhh...yeah, UCLA!  UCLA? You gotta be kidding! UCLA is a half-#&&*@ outfit if ever there was one. Still, they slapped the crap out of Texas. I predicted this loss. Texas has already shown itself to be an absolutely wretched excuse for a football team.  

I knew they stunk.  Said so. Called for Greg Davis to be fired and for the Horns to look to the depth chart for a QB.  At this point, it had become very clear that Garrett Gilbert would never—no...NEVER—be a great Texas QB.  I called for Case McCoy and Connor Wood to get a shot at the QB job.  Most readers screamed bloody murder.  A few wise fans did not.

Texas versus Oklahoma at Fair Park in Dallas.  Texas is whipped 28-20.

Not a terrible, grievous loss given the fact that the opponent was OU.  But, still very bad medicine! I called for Greg Davis' head as a result of stupid play-calling.  I called for Mack's because he won't deal with Greg.

Texas versus Iowa State in Austin.  Texas again gets their butts whipped. This time 28-21.

Iowa State?  Iowa friggin' State? The Cyclones? Ya gotta be kidding, I said.  No, no one was kidding.  The Cyclones beat the Horns worse than the score reflects—at DKR Memorial in Austin.  Jeez—in our own house! Baylor.  Unbelievable.

Again, I called for Mack and Greg to ride the lightnin'.  Readers protested.  "Mack is a genius", "You disloyal SOB—you would fire the best coach in the Nation?", "You jackass—he gives us national championships and you want to fire him" and so on.  Mack took no action.  The University took no action against Mack.  Problems got worse.

Wow, the losses are adding up. Opponents are kicking our butts in Austin.  Records are falling and not to the advantage of our trophy case.

But, as the television salesmen say, "but wait, there's more folks!" A lot more.

On 10-30, the Horns hosted lowly Baylor, at DKR.  In normal times, Texas would beat Baylor like a poor relation.  Not this time, however.  Score?  Baylor 30, Texas 22.

Again, the situs was Austin. Yep, we were beaten stupid by the Bears.  Well, we knew that was gonna happen.  No surprise at this point.

The fun continued just last week .  This time the Horns left town. A good idea. Well, sorta.  They went to Manhattan, KS.  Oh-oh, that's ol' Bill Snyder's nest! Snyder is one crafty, old, mean-spirited son-of-a-gun.  He's one of those coaches who can find a way to beat anybody.  Reminds me a lot of Vince Dooley that way. Dangerous as a Copperhead!  The score you ask?  Well sir, it was 39-14 in favor of Snyder's boys.  

One of the worst teams in CFB coming into the season beat Texas senseless! It's true, the Physics Department at K-State predicted that the players and coaches might cease to exist under Einstein's General Theory of Relativity unless they pick up their step a bit. Still, they kicked Texas right in the old gazoozle!  Whooped 'em—whooped 'em bad.


When the Horns started their slide into the abyss, Head Coach Mack Brown jumped on his players and assistants.  He said that he simply couldn't "trust" them.  Well.  Okay. What does that mean?

Two things were clear—Brown would not upbraid, let alone fire, his evil twin Greg Davis. Nor would he so much as consider dumping his horrible QB and giving No. 2 and No. 3 on the depth chart a try.

Mack assured us all that QB Garrett Gilbert is a terrific, young QB.  He swore that Gilbert gives Texas the best chance to win.  Hmm.  Should we believe him? Well, let's consider the facts:

Gilbert's Vision, Picks, More...

Garrett Gilbert is a  6-4", 215 lb. Sophomore QB.  He has appeared in nine ball games for the Horns.  His QB rating is a terrible 106.6 entering today's contest with Oklahoma State.

He has tossed seven TD passes.  But, he has thrown twice as many interceptions—14! Heck fire, he threw five picks in last week's game alone—yep, that's five (5)—in the K State contest!

All of us hoped that Gilbert would improve.  In fairness, he has been plagued by a near total lack of collegiate experience, a horrible O-Line, receivers who cannot catch the football and an offensive coordinator who many believe was dropped on his head from a great height as a baby.  All of these things certainly contributed to Gilbert's failure as QB.  But, he did plenty all by himself.

Gilbert has no vision on the field.  He has inadequate leadership skills. I could go on and on with the "Gilbert has no" remarks, but I won't.  You already know the details.

Mack's Weird Logic

When QB Garrett Gilbert threw first one, then two, then three, then four—and finally five (5) picks last week, it became clear to every sensible person in the known universe that he should have taken him out of the game to preserve his self-esteem if nothing else. For G-d's sake, what kind of jackass leaves a kid in a ball game until all of his self-respect is gone?  Answer:  Mack Brown!

Brown reasoned that taking him out of the game would be more hurtful to the young man.  Well, figure it out for yourselves.  You are having the worst night of your brief football career.  You are taking a huge dump on the field.  You have thrown two, three, four picks.  Everything you do is wrong. Would you rather have your coach step in and save you—allowing you to try again next week—or would you rather press on, throw more picks and make an ass out of yourself on national television?  

Mack's Incredible Arrogance

Throughout the week leading up to tonight's game, Mack teased us with hints that he might give Case McCoy some snaps.  As I write this article, I'm still watching a young man who still cannot see the field. Garrett Gilbert hasn't tossed one, lousy, TD pass. Yet, only 3:47 remains in the third Q.  Thus far, Texas has put one field goal on the board.  OSU has done a little better.  They have scored 26 points! Texas has been hideous, the very state of affairs to which we have become accustomed.

But where is Case McCoy?  Well, at game-time, Brown told the media that he had no plans to play McCoy or Wood.  No?  Well, I see!

Mack is an arrogant SOB who evidently believes he can write off the Longhorn faithful. His six-million dollar butt believes he can do whatever he likes.  He can lead us on.  He can lie or use misdirection as he pleases.  Nothing will happen, he reasons.  He will not change QB's.  He won't fire Davis, or any Asst. Coach for that matter.  Maybe he's right.

Right though he may be, I will use this pulpit and every other I can get my hands on to call for his immediate dismissal as well as that of Greg Davis. Brown should be accountable for his failures.  I was more than willing at the outset to allow him to resolve glaring problems with the team.  But, he did nothing—absolutely nothing—to set the ship aright.  Why should he?  His employer will not hold him accountable.  His players cannot engage in insubordinate behavior although I wish they would consider mutiny.

I Still Love, Believe & Respect Our Football Players

Despite the fact that the Horns as losing this game, I am proud of their effort.  Handicapped as they are by horrible coaching, a number of players—Kirkendoll, Whittaker, Cody Johnson, and yes...even Garrett Gilbert—have shown determination and pride. They are losing.  How could they do otherwise. Still, I am proud—FINALLY—of their effort.  They are good boys, they deserve better coaches.

Fire Mack Brown and Greg Davis Tonight!

For his arrogance and refusal to address the terrible problems the Horns face by making staff changes, for his callous disregard for the feelings and self-esteem of Garrett Gilbert, I call for Mack Brown to resign immediately.  Failing this, I call upon the University of Texas to discharge him immediately.

For his stubborn refusal to change/correct flawed game planning and play-calling that have cost the Longhorns dearly in wins and in public humiliation, I call upon Mack Brown to fire Greg Davis tonight. If he will not do so—and he will not—I call upon the administration to fire him immediately.



11/06/10 at Kansas State ,Manhattan, Kan. L, 39-14


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