Cam Newton: The Truth and How He Will Get Back to the Top

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Cam Newton: The Truth and How He Will Get Back to the Top

Over the past few weeks, Cam Newton has become more of a problem than Dennis Rodman at a night club in Las Vegas.

It started a few weeks ago when allegations from former Mississippi State quarterback John Bond hit the news front.

According to John Bond, Mississippi State was recruiting Cam Newton and it would have cost them $180,000 to sway his decision.

My question would be: Why did he choose Auburn if that was true? Why would anyone turn down that amount of cash to play elsewhere for free? Was he doing the right thing or did Auburn offer him more money?

The answer to those questions might hit the surface later this season or they may never come to pass. This story could end up on the back burner and the Tigers could continue on their path to a SEC championship and a shot at the national championship.

If only that was the end of the story. This is where our story on Cam Newton begins to take an even more detrimental turn for the worst.

ESPN reported on Tuesday that two unnamed Mississippi State recruiters were informed in separate phone conversations with Cam and Cecil Newton that the player’s services were indeed for sale.

That report was leaked at the same time we began to hear about the allegations of Cam cheating while at the University of Florida and that was the reason he left the school.

Cam Newton, while enrolled at Florida, was charged with three felony counts involving a stolen laptop but the charges were later dropped. That is not an allegation. That is fact and does not help his credibility with the recent issues that have become prevalent to the NCAA world.

Now what? What does Auburn do now? How does Cam Newton continue to play amidst the allegations and controversy? Should he be benched?

The answer is simple, yes. Cam Newton should be benched until the situation is resolved. If the Auburn player was not named Cam Newton, would he play?

If he didn't do anything, then why not say so? If I was innocent, I would have already released a statement saying I had no involvement in the matter.

It is not his job to prove his innocence because he is innocent until proven guilty but, as we all know, once information like this is leaked, he has to prove he didn't do it. He has to find a way to show the world he did not cheat or accept money to play football.

It is time for someone to take responsibility for these accusations. It is time for Cam Newton to tell the truth about whether he did it or if he is innocent.

William Blake once said, "When I tell any truth, it is not for the sake of convincing those who do not know it, but for the sake of defending those that do."

In other words, tell the truth, Cam, and all this negative press disappears.

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