Jonathan Who? Could De Guzman be Arsenal's Last Signing This Summer

Simon JohnsonCorrespondent IAugust 27, 2008

If we are to believe the latest gossip emanating from London, Arsene Wenger will offer close to £12million for Jonathan De Guzman from Feyenoord before the transfer window closes on Monday.

Some sources close to the player say that he has already signed an agreement with Arsenal but there has been no official confirmation from the Emirates hierarchy at this stage.

The Gunners have flirted with the idea of bringing Liverpool's Xabi Alonso or Aston Villa's Gareth Barry to North London, however, their price tags have proved prohibitive to the spendthrift Frenchman.

But De Guzman, who would cost Arsenal considerably less, is a livewire midfielder who can run box to box and would gel well with the Arsenal style of play.

The 21 year old has already expressed interest in joining Arsenal.

“My dream clubs are Arsenal and Barcelona. If clubs of that stature are interested in you then you cannot say no." said the Canadian born midfielder

“I’m certainly open to interest from Arsenal and from what I hear Feyenoord are happy to hear from them as well.”

I believe he could be the right man for the job in the Arsenal midfield, although Alonso would not be such a bad buy either, if he was a little cheaper...