Making The Case Why Boise State Deserves a Higher Ranking Over TCU

Alec Dopp@alecdoppCorrespondent INovember 13, 2010

Watching Boise State make mince meat of Idaho Friday night really convinced me who is the best team in the country not named Oregon or Auburn.

Idaho opened up the game on the receiving end, quickly returning the football to roughly the 24 yard-line. After three straight incomplete passes from Idaho, Boise State set up for their punt-return offense.  

Just when you expected a nonchalant punt return from Boise State, Chris Potter breaks open the punt-return defense of Idaho, returning the punt for a 76-yard touchdown.

The next two drives for Idaho didn't exactly go as planned, either.  Idaho quarterback Nathan Enderle quickly gets a lecture from the severely underrated Boise defense, throwing two INTs.

It seems as though this team can do just about whatever it wants, whenever it wants.

That's exactly how the Broncos like it.

So many versatile players on this squad have paid their dues, and now is the time for a Boise State national championship game in 2010—it's just an inevitability.

Whichever way you want to put it, the Broncos are the best team in the country not named Oregon or Auburn. With total respect to Gary Patterson and his TCU squad, this is the year the Broncos should be allowed to make a statement against yet another big-named school—preferably against an Oregon or an Auburn.

The fact of the matter is that Boise State can do it all. Name anything that comes to mind, and the Broncos have probably done it—or will do it.

From Heisman hopeful Kellen Moore, to the nation's second-ranked scoring defense, to the head coaching capabilities of Chris Petersen, this is the best Boise State Broncos team ever.

With all do respect to Andy Dalton and TCU, Boise State is just the better team and here's why.


Passing offense

Kellen Moore was the WAC Offensive Player of the Week after throwing for a career-high 507 yards last week—yardage that only few quarterbacks in history can even imagine to accomplish.

We've come so accustomed to Moore's unprecedented play that we cannot even stop for a moment to ponder everything he has done. Think about it: 500 yards passing. In one game. Sounds like a Heisman to me; how about you?

Coming into Friday's matchup with Idaho, Moore had attained the nation's top quarterback rating (191.2) and ranked 19th in the country with 2,372 yards through the air.

Moore has more yards (2,588), touchdowns (24) and completions (242), along with a superior completion percentage (71.9) than TCU's Andy Dalton. Sounds like a pretty good argument, huh?

The development of wide receiver Titus Young has certainly helped Moore's cause; he ranked 25th in the nation in receiving with 749 yards, to go with five touchdowns coming into Friday.

Boise's potent passing game trounced No. 10 ranked Virginia Tech to begin the season, and the outlook seems to look much the same for Chris Petersen's crew moving forward.

I couldn't help but notice how slow of a start QB Andy Dalton and company got off to against San Diego State, not to mention the fumble inside their end zone that resulted in an Aztec touchdown.

Legitimate top-tier offenses just don't do that.



The statistics are as convincing as they are surprising to many.

Boise State has given up the fewest amount of total yards (1,851) to opposing offenses in the entire country.

The fast, versatile playing style of the most underrated defensive group in the nation also leads in average yards per play given up, only allowing 3.74 yards per play.

The Broncos also rank 20th in the country in fumble recoveries (nine), as well as owning the No. 2 rushing defense, allowing just 71.63 yards per game.


Win streaks

The average reader may not initially look into the facts as much as they should. However, today is you lucky day to become the most informed college football fan in the country by learning the basics of the game.

The basics are as follows: Boise State doesn't lose.

The facts are stunning: Boise State holds a 60-game home win streak, good enough to be first in the entire college football universe. Along with the nation's longest overall winning steak now extended to 22 games, the Broncos should be on a fast track to the National Championship game.

On the "Smurf-Turf," the Broncos simply don't lose.

In the last four seasons, the Broncos have virtually owned every WAC opponent that has had the guts to even show up to the game. TCU can't say that about the Mountain West Conference.

When it comes to streaking, the Broncos do it better than anyone in the country—it's as simple as that.


Head-to-head matchups

This is definitely the make-or-break portion of the article, as you may already be well aware.

The undefeated Broncos met the undefeated Horned Frogs in last season's Fiesta Bowl that ended with a 17-10 Boise State victory.

Now, I realize that Gary Patterson's crew did in fact give Boise State its last meaningful loss, but on the big stage—the only stage that really matter—the Broncos manhandled the top-ranked TCU defense with relative ease.

Should both Auburn and Oregon win out, we are most likely to see a rematch of yet again two undefeated squads for the second year in a row. Personally, I can't get enough of it.

This budding rivalry will be the toast of Boise, Idaho, for many years to come.



As we look into the facts, statistics, and rankings, the argument only becomes more clear: Boise State is the superior club. Although by a slim margin, the Kellen Moore-led Broncos have the upper edge heading into the last few weeks of the college football season.

Nevertheless, both squads now find themselves in company with both Oregon and Auburn as the last four undefeated teams in the country (Boise State 9-0, TCU 11-0).

What the potential rematch has in store is uncertain at best. But I do think we can all agree that it will be one hell of a game come January.

Should Chris Petersen and his group of history-making Broncos successfully defeat TCU once again come January, the respect still wouldn't come—and the Broncos are okay with that.


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