Outlook On The Rams '08 Season

Austin SeifertContributor IAugust 27, 2008

With the final preseason game fast approaching the season is almost ready to start.  The Rams have been trying to make sure this season goes a lot better than last years pathetic 3-13 record.  Coach Scott Lenhan trying to change as much as he could to get rid of all the bad omens.  He started by shaving his head, and at camp has tried his best to get this team to be tougher physically and mentally.  We shall soon see how well they have done.  The offense seems weaker than the the past few years lacking Isaac Bruce and having a much older look to some of the star players from the past.  I so think however that they will fair just fine this season.  They have the weight of scoring a touchdown with the first team offense taken off their shoulders as they finally accomplished that in the the third preseason game a feat they had not yet completed in preseason under Scott Lenhan.  Also by finally getting a taller receiver in Drew Bennett it should change the look of the offense in the red zone.  And having a coordinator to take advantage of TE Randy MchMichael's talents.  On the defensive side of the ball they have looked better at stopping the run this year but much weaker against the pass.  Adam Carriker now going into his second year should have a larger impact on the defense this year and with the return of Lenord Little they will at the very least have a decoy on the line opposite of Chris Long.  Lenord should be able to be productive but if he doesn't return the same he will at least add leadership and a presence to the defense that it has been lacking.  The linebcking corps looks strong this year with Pisa Tinomismoa and Will Witherspoon and an open door for Chris Draft Quiten Colbertson and David Vabora on the other side possibly even McGardle. The defenses success however will rest on the effectiveness of the secondary.  This season overall should be an improvement over last year, but will also bring a new offense to St. Louis and possibly an improved defense that combined may be able to pull out a narrowly winning record at about 9-7.  I think 9-7 is quite a high hope for this team especially with their schedule but I really can't see this team allowing themselves to be beaten like they were last season.