Kansas City Chiefs: Top Ten Reasons They Will Make The Playoffs

John BartramCorrespondent IINovember 12, 2010

Kansas City Chiefs: Top Ten Reasons They Will Make The Playoffs

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    Now, we talk about the truth, why they will be in the Playoffs.

    The Chiefs have been the "surprise" team of the year, until last week.

    Then it was the Oakland Raiders.  That's how fast things change in the NFL.

    Well, the Chiefs still sit atop of the division, and here are the top ten reasons why they will stay there and win the division.


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    The Chiefs have a schedule that they should be able to manage has they continue to grow as a team.

    Taking a closer look at it, here's why:

    Denver:  They will continue to implode.  It's not that they don't have talent.  Their problems run far deeper than their 2-6 record.  They will fight much harder in this game than they have recently, but the Chiefs will win.

    Arizona:  They will have very little chance of beating a good Chief team who is undefeated so far at home this year.  They simply do not have the talent.

    Seattle:  Never an easy game for a visiting team, but I think the Giants showed their weaknesses, even without their starting quarterback.  The Chiefs will game plan well for the game and I think they Hawks will have a hard time stopping the Chiefs new found pass attack, and of course, their running game.

    Denver:  This one will be in Arrowhead.  I think the Chiefs have a reasonable chance of going undefeated at home.  If the Chiefs beat Denver this week, the Broncos then have to travel to San Diego.  They will have little chance in that game.  By then, the turmoil taking place in Denver will be overwhelming.

    San Diego:  The Chiefs travel to San Diego.  I honestly don't see the Chiefs winning this game.  Just being honest.

    St. Louis:  They are very much an up and coming team, and could pose a problem for KC.  That said, I still think the Chiefs can go into St. Louis and win.  They do have a rookie quarterback.  He's very good, but very young and I think the Chiefs have more talent.

    Tennessee:  I believe this will be the toughest home game of the year for the Chiefs.  This is a talented team that just added Randy Moss.  That, however, can go either way.  Do they become a better team?  That remains to be seen.  Also, I think we'll have a much better team in late December.

    Oakland:  Last game of the year, at home.  Not a chance do the Raiders come into Arrowhead on that day and beat the Chiefs.  None.  The only way that would happen is if the Chiefs already wrapped up the division and had nothing to play for and rested their players.  I don't foresee that as being the case.


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    This is obviously impossible to know with any certainty.

    The Chiefs have managed to stay fairly injury free so far this season.  It's not all luck. 

    The players all came into camp in extremely excellent condition.  If you think there is no truth to that, see Revis on the Jets.

    Additionally, but not playing a wide open style of football, they have a fraction less exposure than some teams.

    Again, this is a tough one, but they're half way through, and doing well on their health.



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    Rarely have a group of rookies had such a positive impact on a team like the Kansas City Chiefs 2010 class has.

    Have they made rookie mistakes?  Of course they have.

    As Eric Berry said this week, when he makes a mistake in a game, the first thing he does during the week is try to correct it and never make it again.

    They were all team captains, most all were honor roll students and they all have tremendous work ethic.  That is largely why they were picked.  That, and of course they have talent which is obvious.

    There is no reason to think they will not improve every week as the season goes on.

    As they do, the Chiefs will become a much, much better team. 

    They have impact on defense, offense and special teams. 

    The Chiefs added play makers, and that's what they have been doing and will continue to do.


The Coaching Staff

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    Regardless of some bonehead moves, the coaching staff for the Chiefs have worked virtual magic with this team.

    The credit, and blame always goes to the head coach.  In this case, Romeo Crennel also gets credit for turning around a defense that was ranked 34th in a 32 team league last year.

    Last week in Oakland was not their shining moment.  I do, however, think that game will be a spring board for them, and the team.

    The mistakes and sloppy play were glaring, and I think they will work on what they need to do.  They have shown that all year.

    I have a great deal of faith in this staff and believe they will be the number one reason for it's long term success.


Arrowhead Stadium

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    There is no place like home.

    When the Chiefs come at 6-3, the fans will be out in force for the next home game.

    Arrowhead Stadium has long been known for one of the most intimidating places for opposing teams to play.

    The fans know they are making it harder for the other team.  The opening game against San Diego is a perfect example  That crowd was pure Arrowhead crazy.

    As the Chiefs continue to win, the fans will pour into Arrowhead.

    With every win, it decreases the chances for the opponent.

    It is a very real factor.

The Running Game

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    As the second half of the season begins, I believe you will see a lot more of Jamal Charles.

    That's good for the Chiefs and the Chief fans.  That's bad for the opposition.

    One of the reasons for the acquisition of Thomas Jones was they felt that Charles was not built for the pounding as an everyday back for an entire season.

    Jones has done a lot more of the work.  Now, especially after last week, I think we'll see the carries flip, with Charles getting more than Jones.

    Also, hopefully McCluster will return to the lineup and that makes the run game almost impossible to defend.

    This by no means eliminates Thomas Jones from the picture, but the Chiefs need more Charles because he's the one who can break one at any time.

    They will stay the number one running team all year.

The Defense

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    The Chiefs have shown some cracks in their defense of late.

    That won't last.  Romeo Crennel knows how to fix things like that.  Brandon Flowers had an unusually poor game last week.  That won't last.

    Eric Berry gets better every week.

    Tamba Hali is a beast and getting better all the time.

    The same goes for Dorsey.  He may be the comeback player of the year, certainly for the Chiefs.

    Jackson is proving is value as a first round pick.

    Derrick Johnson, obviously due to his new contract, is playing great.

    The bottom line is they have bought into it all.  This is a team in the true sense of the word and they're playing like.

Special Teams

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    They need to get Dexter McCluster back.  He's a big part of the special team picture.

    They still have one of the most explosive tandems in return talent in McCluster and Javier Arenas.

    Ryan Succop still has the faith of the players, coaching staff and fans.  He may have spoiled us last year by being so good.  He still is.

    Maybe Dustin Colquitt isn't use to the lack of work.  He use to be the most valuable and most over worked player on the team.

    He's a great weapon.  He will still make that great kick inside the 20 when needed.

The Wide Receivers

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    This is the only one that I've switched from my "Why They Won't Make the Playoff" article.

    There is talent here.  I'm going to lump Tony Moeaki in with the receivers even though he is a tight end.  We all know tight ends are just as much receivers these days.

    I can say the same about Jamal Charles.

    The key is Chris Chambers.  I don't know if it's Todd Haley head games that he has played with receivers for years, or injuries.

    What I do know, is last year he was Matt Cassel's favorite target as soon as he joined the team.

    He will be again.

    Dwayne Bowe has all the talent in the world, and we all know it.  He also make every one of us nervous every time a ball is thrown his way.  Unless of course it's three feet over his head at the back of the end zone with two people on him, then he'll catch it.

    If it's thrown in his chest for a crucial first down, I close my eyes.

    The pass that Cassel threw to Bowe in the fourth quarter of the Raider game is why both of them are on the Chiefs, and paid well.  It was picture perfect.

    This group, collectively, is going to be there when they are needed.

Matt Cassel

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    At the end of the season, not only will he not be everyone's favorite whipping boy, he will be the Chiefs MVP.

    After the loss last week in Oakland, it was the first time I had read a number of good things about Cassel.

    I have been a vocal Cassel supporter since day one, and will continue to be.

    He is getting better and better every week, just like most of the team. 

    He can, and will lead this team down the field and win games when they need it.

    He is strong, tough a good leader and he can throw into tight spots.  He checks down because he has no receivers open down field.  It's that simple.

    He will lead the Chief to the playoffs this year, and beyond.

    Lastly, that is without question, my favorite picture of any cheerleader.