Shawne Merriman, What the Hell Are You Doing?

Peter FleischerSenior Writer IAugust 27, 2008

Don't get it twisted Shawne; I still hate you. But I don't want to see any 24-year-old stud throw away his career. What the hell are you thinking right now?

Merriman has announced that he is going to attempt to play this season, despite suffering from two torn ligaments in his knee, and there have been whispers that he is making a career-jeopardizing move.

He recently went on a cross-country tour, talking to four doctors and receiving examinations. He asked each one of the doctors if they thought he should play or get surgery, and after listening to them all, opted to give it a go this year. But did he really listen?

Each doctor recommended that Merriman undergo season-ending surgery, but he basically gave them all the finger.

Hey, "Lights Out," I get that you have money, but why go on a dramatic and pointless trip around America only to not listen to anything that anybody has said to you?

I really want to hear what people think about this guy. Is he a hero? Because I personally think he's an absolute moron for this decision.

It's truly interesting to watch Marcellus Wiley on NFL Live discuss this topic. Wiley played injured for the San Diego Chargers multiple times, only to get shipped out of town when his production dropped.

And here's the thing. Wiley is charismatic, fun, and intelligent. Merriman is a dirty, loud, annoying player. If his production dropped, they'd ship him out faster than they did "Dat Dude."

Don't do this, Shawne. Hang up your cleats for one year, get ready for 2009-2010, and then make yourself a lot of money as a healthy player going into free agency.