Mats Sundin Has Made His Decision

Greg CaggianoSenior Writer IAugust 27, 2008

After months and months of waiting, Mats Sundin has finally made his decision. Out of all the places it could have happened, it happened in the grocery store. Mats was picking up his weekly supply of whole milk, pickled herring, cheese balls, and pringles when he made his way to the check out aisle.

The line was long and gave him time to ponder a very serious decision, one that he hadn't been able to make in weeks to come. Every week he would head over to the grocery store hoping to make the right decision only to return home to his nagging wife, who would yell at him and belittle him, before saying he chose wrong.

Now, with an overweight woman with two full carts in front of him he had plenty of time to stand there and think, making sure he knew what he wanted to do. He grabbed a bottle of Evian water (spell that backwards), sipped it, and pondered quietly to himself with screaming babies in the aisle next to him.

As the items in the cart in front of him were rung up, he neared closer and closer to his decision. Then, it was his turn at the register. He slammed his items up on the counter and as they rolled down the conveyor belt to the bagging area, the cashier asked him a question.

He stood there for four hours, not knowing what to say while angry customers yelled, he was in a trance-like state as he seemed to be able to see the future. It seemed he would be there forever. But then, out of nowhere, the answer hit him as if a ton of bricks had fallen on his bald little head; the answer to his prayers had been found.

He would make his wife happy, his family happy, and most importantly, himself happy. He now knew this was the right move and enthusiastically yelled his answer at the cashier, before exiting the grocery store in a rage of excitement. I guess you're wondering what question could make him reach his decision, eh?

Well, the question was "Paper, or plastic?" and Mats' answer was "Paper." Thank God, it is now over, and we can now go on with our lives.