WWE Tribute To the Troops: What It Really Means To the Soldiers

Matt OffermannCorrespondent INovember 12, 2010

I wanted to write this article for a while now but I wanted to wait for the perfect setup to do it, and what better way than on Veterans Day.

I am not going to write a lot here, just a quick thank you to the WWE.

I am in the National Guard and last year I was in Iraq. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to go to the show. It was so exciting. I have been to a few shows in the U.S. and even though it was in a different country in bad conditions. I have to say it was the most exciting show I have ever been too.

For all of you that have been to a show, you know what I am talking about. It is an awesome feeling when you get to see your favorite stars and you get goosebumps whenever you hear their music. Now imagine that feeling and multiply it by a thousand.

 It was almost like we were back at home, sitting on our couches watching Monday Night Raw. Just the feeling, even for a day or two, to feel like your back home and not thousands of miles away from your families.

 The wrestlers were really kind too. All of the big name guys, and even the ones we haven't heard of were all taking time away from their families to give back to the soldiers.

So this is just a quick letter from all of the troops to the WWE. First of all thank you for doing what you do, you have no idea what it feels like to have that feeling in a place like that. So thank you and God bless the troops around the world.