Brett Favre Scandal: Jenn Sterger Speaks To NFL

Nancy DoublinContributor INovember 12, 2010

Do you think Jenn owns an intact t-shirt?
Do you think Jenn owns an intact t-shirt?

While the rest of America was busy honoring military veterans, our favorite sports bimbo was working feverishly to get the spotlight off those old war horses and back where it belongs: On her.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, our Jenn Sterger took the time and trouble to finally discuss with NFL representatives her allegations regarding Brett Favre's behavior toward her.  On Veterans Day. 

Up until Thursday night, the most recent article on dear ol' Jenn was six days old.  That's right.  Six long, quiet, blissful, Jenn-less days! 

But, she'd waited long enough to see her name in the press again and finally took the bull by the horns to make it happen.

You gotta love a girl who knows how to get what she wants.

Sterger's attorney, Joseph Conway, won't tell us what Sterger had to say in this three-hour meeting.  Whatever it was, I'm betting she needed help with the tough concepts. Manipulation. Encouraged. Consensual. Truth.

It's likely she also needed help with things she's probably never said in her life, like, "Please turn off the cameras."  Or, "No."

Mr. Conway has informed the public that Sterger "cooperated with the NFL's investigation by subjecting herself to the interview..."

Subjecting herself?  Oh, puh-leese!  She begged for this! She luxuriated, she indulged, she immersed herself in it; it's not as if she was merely enduring it.  Going a week without her name in the paper is, for Sterger, probably a lot like trying to keep her clothes; how will she ever have a "career" if that happens? 

Oh, yeah, she won't.  Now it all makes sense.

Ms. Sterger's apparently turned over what are being termed "substantial materials," such as cell phone records and other information to the NFL, as well as physical evidence.


If all this isn't tawdry and sleazy enough for you, there's a new player on this field, as well.  An unnamed Jets employee who wants us to know that he only wants to assist Sterger in her noble crusade to... um, to do whatever she's doing.

Sure.  And Alex Rodriguez didn't leave Seattle for the money. 

I'm betting the guy thinks that by helping Sterger prolong her 15 minutes of fame, he might get the opportunity to give her some of his own "physical evidence."

The press is also speculating on whether or not Sterger files some kind of suit against Favre, as well.  Her ability to do so will be heavily dependent on what actions the NFL takes in the case. 

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was not at the meeting and is waiting to be briefed on the conversation to find out what Sterger gave up in the case.

Well, what she gave up besides the illusion that she ever had any class or dignity at all.

Goodell says he wants to "try to get all the facts and make a smart decision... Our people have been working hard to gather all those facts." Mr. Goodell claims he is interested in a fair result from the NFL's investigation.

Sterger may find it difficult to sue Favre if he is not disciplined in some way by the NFL.  It seems unlikely he'll get off scot free, but it could happen.

According to her manager, Phil Reese, Sterger "could file a lawsuit... Another option is that she does nothing."

I'm thinking that for Sterger, doing nothing is not only not an option, it's not even in her vocabulary.