WWE's Impatient Fan: Fast Paced Problems Facing Wrestling Today.

Vanda RamkissoonContributor IIINovember 11, 2010

We live in a fast-paced world. Technological advances have made communication easier and quicker. With this, our lifestyle has changed vastly from what it once was. No longer are we happy with one thing for an extended period of time. We always want something new and exciting to do, hear and see.

Every part of society has been altered to suit these new needs. There is now a new version of a video game within one year, a new song by an artist every two or three months and a new cell-phone every couple of weeks. I can write an article and within a few minutes, others are able to view my opinions and respond. Yet our thirst increases and we want more and more.

However, even with this taken into account, there are some things that are taking too long to play out at WWE and the impatient fans are growing weary.


Anonymous Raw General Manager

At first, this was a really wonderful idea. It was brilliant, in fact. The Nexus would not be able to attack a GM when they did not know who he/she is. At least someone was safe. It was entertaining for a while with the fans playing the guessing game. It operated with communication via e-mail.

There were many attempts to fool the fans into jumping to conclusions regarding the identity of this person by incorporating various lines that we have become used to, such as “If you’re not down with that” (DX) , “I will fire you” (Mr. McMahon), etc. The worst came when the manager used a voice enhancer to communicate with Edge. Now, Edge vs. the GM and "all things stupid" was great.

However, he was traded to Smackdown and there are no more problems with the General Manager (it would be great if John Cena would go heel on the GM for causing some of his problems, but that is for another discussion).

Along with Chris Jericho’s dissension with the GM, those were the most intriguing parts of the whole fiasco. But the potential was cut short and we are left to deal with the same annoyance week after week. Now do not get me wrong: I am in no hurry to find out who the GM is, but there must be some other way to make it more interesting, such as bringing Chris back.


Michael Cole: Heel or Face?

Another related part of the GM saga is Michael Cole. As the mouthpiece of the GM, his ego has grown a fair bit. He feels that he is better than his fellow commentators and even some of the professional wrestlers.

One example is his shocking behavior when the Hart Dynasty joined the commentary team on one episode. He was blatantly disrespectful to them and it showed a real lack of professionalism on the part of the commentary team.

He plays heel when the Miz does something wrong or when he is bashing whoever the Miz is fighting against. However, he seems to switch sides when John Cena is wrestling. Who can remember him making the announcement that John Cena was supposed to obey Wade Barrett or be fired?

The same guy who was over the moon because he was the GM’s channel suddenly tried to distance himself because Cena had to follow the Nexus. Why should he care? As long as his precious Miz is not a part of the action, he should not be bothered. The heel role is not being played convincingly and now we have to deal with him on Smackdown as well as Raw.


John Cena

Yes, he is the face of the company. Yes, they have to keep the young fans happy. Yes, they have to teach morals and values to our children, but come on, the guy is human. The character of John Cena has been stagnant for a while, and the Nexus introduced a good change and challenge for him.

But there is only so much a man can take. It seems a bit overboard that he is fetching water and having it thrown in his face. It is humiliating enough that he is forced to do things that he does not believe in without the bullying and humiliation by Wade Barrett.

Ask yourself: what would someone in real life do?

If the story is to be played out for an extended period, the amount of pressure he receives needs to be controlled to suit the time frame. That is, start slow and increase steadily. I am sure the most patient person would have turned on Barrett a long time ago, even if it meant losing his job.


Nexus and the Big Picture

It seems that the big picture has been forgotten. That, or the public humiliation of John Cena is part of the puzzle, because it is really all they are doing lately. I am pretty sure that Cena would follow Wade’s orders to keep his job without the embarrassment he is forced to endure.

But for argument sake, let’s say that it is terribly important that they break him mentally so that he wants to get out so bad that he would help Barrett win the WWE Championship (which I have already stated is being done too harshly). It still leaves us to think about what this means for the big picture. It was mentioned again at Bragging Rights when Nexus helped Kane bury the Undertaker. But I feel that this was done to give the Undertaker the time he needed to have surgery.

I am skeptical about whether it actually has anything to do with the actual "winds of change". I hope they have something really big in store for us which ties up these loose ends and make us say “Oh, we did not see that coming, but it’s awesome.”



If we look at quickening the story lines as a possible solution to some of these problems, it is important that we evaluate the negatives. If these are played out too soon, they may lack credibility. This means that title runs have to be shorter and titles will change hands more regularly. The same reason we argue that the tag team title has lost its prestige (changing hands too quickly) will also come into play here.

There also needs to be a build-up to the pay-per-views—meaning story lines have to last for the period of time between each pay-per-view. However, I do not think that a lot of people will have a problem with quickening the pace of some of the more boring aspects. Well, everyone who is not coming up with the ideas, that is. The story writers might be a little upset that they have more work to do.

To solve this, the creative team can look at the story lines and quicken the pace of the ones that are lagging behind on the interest scale. A couple of months ago, I was so tired of watching Kofi Kingston and Dolf Ziggler/Vickie Guerrero. This however, will not be the case for all of the story lines. Those that are still maintaining interest can be milked for a longer period of time.

What do you think? Is there a need to speed up some of the action to suit the needs of a changing world? Or do we need to learn some patience?