Philadelphia Eagles: Five Keys to Beating the Washington Redskins in Week 10

Troy BallardCorrespondent INovember 11, 2010

Philadelphia Eagles: Five Keys to Beating the Washington Redskins in Week 10

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    It's that time again for the Philadelphia Eagles to throw down with the Washington Redskins and Donovan McNabb. This Week 10 matchup is going to be played in Washington, which means another tough road game for the Eagles, who have been great on the road this season, only losing one game.  

    The Eagles are currently sitting at second place in the NFC East (5-3); the Redskins are in third place and just one game behind the Eagles (4-4). 

    The Eagles are coming off of a big win against the Colts at home, in which the Eagles looked like they were on a mission to prove something. The Redskins are coming off of a bye week. The 'Skins had come off of a tough loss to the Detroit Lions the week before their bye. 

    This is going to be a great Monday Night Football matchup. Here are five keys to the Eagles winning this game.

5. Stop Ryan Torain

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    Has anyone else noticed this guy?

    Ryan Torain is a beastly runner. He was all over the Eagles in their first meeting. The Eagles rushing defense has really stepped up their game since that first meeting of getting whipped by Torain. They have shut down some of the best RB's in the NFL, and Torain should pose no threat at this point. 

    But Torain has the momentum to take on a train. This guy gets moving and he will drag the defender, sometimes several, to the first down. Asante, you better be ready to either make the hit, or get hit. 

    Torain is a serious threat to the Eagles defense, and they need to make sure that they keep him contained. Time for the Eagles rushing defense to shine once again. 

4. Let Michael Vick Run

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    The Redskins secondary has really improved their game since the Eagles last meeting. 

    There are few better ways to get receivers open than having Vick rip up big gains on the ground. Vick has to makes the Redskin defense respect him. Vick looked good against the Colts, despite that rib injury. He was mobile as ever, and getting big gains on the ground. 

    Vick needs to do the same thing against the Redskins. 

    If Vick can get the ground game going, that opens up receivers like Jackson, Maclin, and the most likely target: Celek. 

    The 'Skins have an aging defense, and Vick should be able to tear it up. 

    Vick—It's payback time! 

3. Get the Ball to DeSean Jackson

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    Despite having a serious concussion a few weeks before, DeSean Jackson had a killer game against the Colts. That new helmet must have changed his game; he is playing like a superstar, even more than he was before his concussion.  

    Jackson has the potential to burn this aging Redskins defense all day. He is one of the fastest receivers in the NFL.  I don't even think that younger CB's could keep up with this guy, let alone the 'Skins defense; he can easily outrun every single player on that defense unit. 

    The Eagles should have no problem moving the ball, as long as they get the ball to Jackson. He is the type of player that can change the score with one catch and one missed tackle, or one blown coverage and one good pass. 

    Reid should continue to try to run the handoffs to Jackson, he is able to turn the corner so fast that by the time that the defense reacts he is already 10 yards down the field. These plays have been lights out so far, and I expect Reid to keep this up. 

    Jackson needs a good nickname. How about, "10 Times the Speed of Light"? 

2. Don't Drop Another Game to Donovan McNabb

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    I would be lying if I said that I was unhappy to see Donovan McNabb win his first game against the Eagles (More than likely, you weren't too unhappy, either). 

    But now that the initial loss is out of the way, it's game on. McNabb may have been able to snake one game by the Vick-Less Eagles, but now he is going to have to deal with one full game of him. The last game was low scoring and the reason the Eagles dropped the the game was because of Kolb's lack of offensive production. 

    Now, the Eagles have their offensive powerhouse and Vick back. McNabb is going to have to come up big and put some big numbers up. McNabb won't go down lightly, but he is going to have to get past the exact same defense that picked off Peyton Manning twice. 

    This is a big momentum win for the Eagles, and Andy Reid. Also, it is going to be a big division win and it is going to be key to the Eagles winning the NFC East and out-performing the Giants. This win would also give the Eagles a two game cushion from the third place Redskins. 

    McNabb here is some advice: Don't throw towards Samuels. It's for your own good. 

1. Show the NFL the Eagles Are for Real

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    This is the Eagles' only Monday Night Football game of the entire season. That means that every team and every football fan in the country is going to be watching them. It is time to prove that the Eagles are a serious threat.

    This is going to be a big game for the Eagles. Already downing the Colts, being able to bounce back and win an emotionally charged game is going to be huge. If the Eagles are able to drop McNabb and the Redskins on MNF, it will show the NFL that they have to be taken seriously. 

    Reid and the Eagles know this, and they plan on making the most of the situation. This is also Vick's chance to get national exposure and show everyone that he has redeemed himself. 

    This is going to be a great game, and the Eagles are looking like the team to beat. There are plenty of threats in the NFC and the Eagles want to be added to that list, along with the '"Super Bowl Contenders" list. 

    The Eagles are just going to outmatch the Redskins on all sides of the ball. I don't expect this game to be close at all. Maybe not a blowout, but the Eagles will keep a comfortable lead for the entire game, and pull off the big win on MNF. 

    Prediction: Eagles 34, Redskins 24

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