Undertaker: True Meaning to the Name "Worker"

Jason IovannaCorrespondent IAugust 27, 2008

Look up the word "hard worker" in the professional wrestling dictionary and you will see synonyms like Ric Flair, Harley Race, Ricky Steamboat, etc.  However, couple that with the greatest gimmick of all time and you have the Undertaker.  A man who has been in the business over 20 years, knows what is good for the business, and is probably the most respected and revered active wrestler, no matter what the organization.  Moreover, he has a title and legacy no one in the industry can touch: 16-0 at Wrestlemania.  The perfect record at the perfect wrestling spectacle.  The Undertaker is a man people not only respect, but fear both inside and outside the ring.  He has grown his gimmick from someone more out of an old western to a fearless, hard punching fighter closer to his real self.  Sure he had the "American Bad Ass" gimmick which never went over to well, and coming out to Limp Bizkit sure didn't help the cause either.  However, for the time it was in it was necessary.  He became a sense of pride of what was America's past time and an in-your-face front of what America has been built on.  Not only has he demonstrated to us wrestling fans his commitment to character, he has demonstrated his commitment to the business and Vince McMahon.  Recent headlines showed that the Undertaker is even willing to end his Wrestlemania streak if Vince feels it is good for business, which is what it truly means to be a hard worker.  It is not just the constant performing, days in the gym, and long times spent on the road.  It is about what will draw the crowd; what will get people talking; what will bring more fans to the business.  He knows it's not about the number of times you win a world championship, but the number of times you win over the crowd.  It is for these reasons there are unspoken rules about how new guys should shake his hand the first and his leadership in the locker room.  His true leadership is shown through his actions and should be studied by any up and coming performer.