The Most Prolific Assist Men in NBA History: Minute By Minute

Ike MontalboCorrespondent INovember 11, 2010

The Most Prolific Assist Men in NBA History: Minute By Minute

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    To avoid any arguments I always go by per minute production when compiling an all-time list. In my points per minute story I showed how Michael Jordan has the highest points per minute than any player in NBA history; with .787 points per minute for his CAREER. #2 was Gervin at .780, #3 John Drew .701 and #4 Dominique Wilkins .700.

    This story analyzes ever player to average at least seven assists per game for their career and who also dished it out for at least a .225 assists per minute clip for their career.

    There were 17 guys in NBA history who have this unique combo and they are the greatest NBA assist men of all-time. Hint: Tim Hardaway (pictured) is one of them. Gary Payton (pictured) is not.

    Do the math kids!

#17: Oscar Robertson: .225 Assists Per Minute Career

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    The Big O averaged 9.5 assists per game in 42.4 minutes (.225 assists per minute) for his career. Wow, he played alot of minutes. He was a great scorer and rebounder and, of course, passer. Can you say triple double?

#16: Tim Hardaway: .232 Assists Per Minute Career

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    Tim Bug was a great passer since his college days at UTEP, where he devised the UTEP-two-step crossover. He was second in voting for rookie of the year in 1989, after David Robinson. His entire career he was an exciting shooter and electrifying passer. He was only 5'11" but played bigger.

#15: Norm Nixon: .234 Assists Per Minute Career

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    Nixon could score, play defense and pass like crazy. He also had the heart of a champion. He won a title in L.A., but not for the Clippers!

    In his career he averaged 8.3 assists in 35.5 minutes (.234 assists per minute).

#14: Rod Strickland: .237 Assists Per Minute Career

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    He played for many teams over the years, most notably the Bullets. Strickland was way fun to watch. I would always tune in if I knew Strickland was playing. He was a creative and up-tempo player who sometimes could score like Jordan and was always on the lookout for the open man. Probably the most acrobatic point man ever. He averaged 7.3 assists in 30.7 minutes for his career (.237 assists per minute).

#13: Guy Rodgers: .241 Assists Per Minute Career

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    Played for Milwaukee and Chicago back in the day (1950's-60's). He always had his eye on the ball and controlled the court by being a passer first. He is the template that guys like Kidd and Nash go by. His career averages are 7.8 ast in 32.1 minutes for his career (.241 assists per minute).

#12: Jason Kidd: .248 Assists Per Minute Career

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    Still going strong after all these years. We all know Kidd does as a passer. His career averages are 9.2 assists per game in 37.1 minutes (.248 assists per minute).

#11: Isiah Thomas: .255 Assists Per Minute Career

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    Isiah Thomas was the first NBA player to ever record over 1,000 assist in a season. John Stockton did it multiple times afterward, but they are the only two players to ever do it.

    This little man was THE team leader for the Bad Boy Pistons who won it all in 1989 and 1990. Thomas was the heart of the team and only of the best playmakers and scoring pint guards ever. He was a tough little SOB.

    His career averages are 9.3 assists in 36.3 minutes (.255 assists per minute).

#10: Deron Williams: .256 Assists Per Minute Career

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    His career is kind of short to be on this list but he is major passer, and scorer too. His career average so far is 9.1 assists in 35.4 minutes (.256 assists per minute).

#9: Mark Jackson: .264 Assists Per Minute Career

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    He is such a dummy and an annoying announcer, but when he played he was a prolific passer. I like that he passed alot but my prevailing image of him by is being dunked on by Jordan and Tom Chambers. Above he is fouled by Bryant.

    His career average is 8 assists in 30.2 minutes (.264 assists per minute).

#8: Steve Nash: .265 Assists Per Minute Career

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    One of the most entertaining passer ever along with Magic and Kidd and Cousy. Cousy is amazingly not on the list because he fell short of my assists per minute criteria for this list (.213 ast per min career). 

    Nash loves to pass. His career averages are 8.3 assists per game in 31.2 minutes (.265 assists per minute).

#7: Muggsy Bogues: .265 Assists Per Minute Career

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    The shortest player in NBA history (5'3") was fun to watch because he was so fast and short, and a good passer and steals guy. His career average is 7.6 assists in 28.6 minutes (.265 ast per min).

#6: Chris Paul: .268 Assists Per Minute Career

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    CP3 is young but on the list already. His career average so far is 9.99 assists per game in 37.3 minutes per (.268 assists per minute).

#5: Kevin Johnson: .268 Assists Per Minute Career

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    We all remember when KJ dunked on Olajuwon, but this little man was one of the best passers. He could score too. An awesome and oft overlooked PG for the ages. His career avg. is 9.1 assists per game in 34.1 minutes (.268 assists per minute).

#4: Kevin Porter: .278 Assists Per Minute Career

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    An almost unknown great by today's panzee ass fans. I have studied stats for years and Porter is always on the top of assist lists. He knew how to run a team: by passing. His career average is 8.1 assists per game in 29 minutes (.278 assists per minute).

#3: Johnny Moore: .288 Assists Per Minute Career

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    Johnny Moore is all but unknown by today's smart-aleck fans who think they have it all figured out. They grew up in a self-centered NBA era. Moore was the greatest passer in Spurs history and ran the point throughout the 1980's. His career average is 7.4 assists per 25.8 minutes a night (.288 assists per minute).

#2: Magic Johnson: .305 Assists Per Minute Career

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    The Magic man is the greatest player in Laker history and he became that by getting everyone involved. He could score with the best of them but he passed and the Lakers benefited. He was not selfish or a ballhog and he actuallly shot 50% from the field for his career.

    His career average is 11.2 assists per game in 36.7 minutes per night (.305 assists per minute). Wow.

#1: John Stockton: .331!! Assists Per Minute Career

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    Stockton averaged one assists in three minutes for his entire career! The little man shot over 50% from the field for his career too. He averaged 10.5 assists per game in 31.8 minutes for his career.

    The most unselfish player in NBA history.