Can They Do It Again? Next Up LSU!

Curtis SmithContributor IAugust 27, 2008

So, we will always remember the debacle that's was a blocked field goal that capped the most unforeseen upset in sports history that rivals the Sox coming back from 3 down to the YANKEE's! For us Michigan fans we will have to swallow our lunch everytime some one brings this up, but what if its happens again! Appalachian State has another chance to make history.  You know what they have a chance a good chance!  LSU is missing big pieces from last years BCS title team and what would have been there starting QB who was kicked off the team.  Still LSU has been a dominate program over the last decade becoming the 1st team to win 2 BCS championships in the new system (Which I think is the biggest flaw in sports)!  SO I ask can App State do it again, I say yes! They return with their biggest threat which is theirQB Armanti Edwards, who I think could be a 2nd to 3rd round draft pick as well if they go undefeated can we please talk Heisman!  Watch for LSU to always have a man watching the QB as he spread the field with the best of them. . .   That's another story on to this question what if App State beats LSU, does it make them legit, what do you do with a team that is smoking the competition 3 straight I-AA National Titles, do you move them out of the I-AA and in with big boys! They could win, image that they were in the SEC, or the BIG 12, even the PAC-10.  They wouldn't dominate by any standards but I would think they could do better then the Northwestern's, Arizona's, or the Kansas' of the conferences. . . Personally I think they can beat LSU and will beat LSU!  App State will have to score at least 25 points to beat LSU the 2nd Goliath foe. . . What I can tell you is this if App State wins it will not subside the pain from what happened at the Big House last year, but it does make people start to talk about how App State may be for real! My prediction is App State walks out with a VICTORY 28 to 24. . .