Looking At The Facts: Why Natalya Needs To Win At Survivor Series

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Looking At The Facts: Why Natalya Needs To Win At Survivor Series

Heading into Survivor Series Natalya has continually one-upped LayCool, bar their pay per view matches. She's proved that she's capable of holding her own in the ring and on the mic, gaining some pretty good fan support in the process.  Natalya definitely has untapped potential, because let's face it, the girl is probably the top wrestler in WWE today, male or female.

She can out wrestle anyone you throw her against, and while her mic skills aren't all that spectacular, she has the type of likability that led women like Trish Stratus, Lita and Mickie James to their super stardom. The general consensus is that Natalya will once again fall prey to LayCool, especially considering the fact that she's facing both members of LayCool. As history dictates, whenever LayCool teams up against one woman (insert Beth and Mickie here) they come out on top.

Although that is a strong argument, here are the primary reasons Natalya needs to topple the Flawless Ones Sunday at Survivor Series:

A New Face

LayCool has been at the forefront of WWE's women's division for nearly two years now, and no offence to them, but enough is enough! I like Layla and Michelle as much as anyone, but it's gotten to the point where I've found them to be completely annoying when on-screen, and that's just a natural reaction at this point (because I do think Layla and Michelle are both good workers). It's like having the same food for dinner every night- it gets boring, and I love me some food!

Layla battles Natalya in her best match to date.

Giving Natalya the title would be quite refreshing and a great change of pace. She has a genuine passion for wrestling that can be felt every time she enters the ring, and she's never had a bad match in her life. Her experience in the ring has helped her bring other younger, less-experienced Divas to new levels in the ring, as seen in her match with Layla at Bragging Rights. Plus, giving her the belt leads to my next point...

New Storylines

With Nattie being brought into the title picture new feuds would forcibly have to be created. Thus far all feuds this past year have revolved around LayCool taunting their competitors about childish, non-existent physical issues. To be fair it has worked, and every woman involved (Mickie, Beth, Kelly) has only increased their fan support, including Natalya. This is why I believe, contrary to popular belief, WWE should have a secondary women's feud.

With Beth's return on the horizon you could have her feud with Natalya, something the fans have wanted to see since the start of Nattie's WWE career. And if WWE is smart enough (for once), they could have Beth return at or after Survivor Series, ala' Maryse and Melina, and build their feud all the way up until Wrestlemania.

There are already many different angles I could think of right off the top of my head! It could be Beth and Nattie in a feud with LayCool that transitions into separate feuds. Or maybe a "friendly competition" storyline as to keep both faces? The possibilities are endless!

While those two are going at it LayCool could branch off into separate feuds with multiple girls. Why? Well, as stated before, every girl who has feuded with the Flawless Ones so far has grown a bigger fanbase, so why not apply that logic to new feuds for LayCool?

That could keep them on-screen while being a boost for other girls, and the division as a whole as well. See, if the up-and-coming women backstage get over through LayCool when the veterans of the division leave (which is not too far off) we'll have other feuds to look forward to in the future. It's the perfect plan for the future.

Cement Nattie's Place

Having Natalya lose at Survivor Series would be a complete burial. With all the fan support and traction she's gained these past few weeks she'd only be stopped in her tracks by losing. On the other hand, having her win would be the ultimate way to solidify her spot in the company.

LayCool has never been beaten at the same time, so having her topple the both of them would be comeuppance and would probably get her one hundred percent over with the fans. Everyone is tired of LayCool! I mean, you heard that pop when she pinned Michelle! Just imagine if she beat both members of LayCool! The crowd would go ballistic!

It'd be a great moment in her career, and would only serve the division better in the future.

Make The Divas Title Mean Something

Let's face it, the Divas Championship is just a prop for LayCool to throw around. The two always seem to flaunt themselves more than the fact that they have the belt, which is a big no-no.

It's wrestling 101.

If you taunt people with your belt, or just even interact with the belt, it'll automatically make people think about the belt. The more and more this is done the more importance the belt bears in people's self-conscious, until finally it represents the importance that all major titles should hold. This is one of the main reasons the Women's Championship meant so much to all women's wrestling fans. It was a national symbol of dominance in women's wrestling, and that's what the Divas belt can become.

It doesn't even take much time, either. Jillian Hall proved this in all five minutes she was champion. She babied the belt, clutching it like a mad woman and refusing to let it go before Melina proceeded to win it. It made Melina's moment that much bigger.  I'm sure Nattie will bring that type of prestige to the belt if she wins is.

So heading into Survivor Series who are you rooting for? The women who made a prop out of a wrestling title? Or a woman who has fought for years to get the opportunity to even win a belt in WWE?

I know exactly who I'm rooting for.

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